SplinterCards 0.1 is online

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Hi everyone, I just released Splintercards beta 0.1.


What is Splintercards?

This site is a FREE PROJECT that I made with the target of helping Splinterlands players to find all the information about the game, and I would like it to be helpful to all potential players who are approaching this beautiful trading card game.

But it's important to say one thing: It is still a very rough version

I would like to complete it with the help of all of you, Splinterlands players, I myself have been part of this community for a few months and I am not yet familiar with all aspects of the game .
I would like to have your support and help, I have many ideas, let's see what can be developed

ps: in the roadmap page I have inserted a list of the features I would like to add, take a look at them.

Let me know what you think? Any feedback or criticism will be welcome



Looks fantastic. Lots of common ground with the wiki being built by @unitqm.

I was going down this path with the first version of my wiki but started getting lost with APIs and hit my code ability ceiling. Also it was all on my shoulders. We're hoping that this new wiki on Fandom will allow for more editors. This site is really well done and I am envious of @tehox skills. There is room in the Splinterverse for many tools.

Thanks @mattclarke for the compliments.Your feedback will always be appreciated!
@unitqm I am a web developer, this thing helps me a lot in fact, with the API but above all because I can write the code of a site exactly as I want it

Yeah we're already having to break TOS with some CSS hacks on fandom. ;)

Amazing work. Feel free to use any of the info/resources that we've put together on our wiki too. https://splinterlands.fandom.com/wiki/Splinterlands_Wiki

Before creating my site I looked for a wiki on Splinterlands, but I couldn't find it!
I hope we can work together

Yeah this was version 0.1 for the wiki I made.


I started fooling around with javascript and using the API that @kiokiss was generating. End the end I decided to go with a trusted wiki building platform. I'm not trying to do this to sharpen my skills. I am looking to make something that's usable as quickly as possible.

Where I think the wiki will really be useful is in helping newer players understand the games meta.

Thanks to the high degree of RNG that sets the rulesets fore each matchup you can't just NetDeck your way to victory like in Hearthstone. I LOVE how the meta for Splinterlands never gets stale. It changes every game. But with that change comes skill. Hopefully the wiki I'm working on can help people hone their skill. And if people can edit all on their own they can add strengths, weakness, optimal rulesets, etc. to each card.

I also really want to help people understand the markets, ways to safely trade and exchange, find bot service and more. There is so much to this game beyond setting lineups.

You're right, the game is really nice and balanced, I love to play it; if I started creating this site it's just to put in order all the information needed to play better.

Splintercards will still be different from a Wiki like website, I would like to make it more interactive.
I am also studying the API in order to better integrate especially those dynamic data, for example prices, the number of printed and circulating cards, etc ...

Great little site there!
Thanks a lot.

Very nice!

Perhaps it's worth adding to the ability descriptions for Headwinds etc. that they do not reduce an attack to a value less than 1?

I think it's just missing from Headwinds actually, seems to be there for the other ones :).

Yes, there are a lot of informations missing, but I will add them in the next updates, in some cases I have yet to have full details

Sounds good to me. It may also be good to mention that Thorns has an upper cap of 2.

I don't know if Return Fire or Magic Reflect have a cap though. I've had 3 at least on return fire in my own games.

Great, I did not know. I will add it in the next version



  • Cards -> Beta filter displays Alpha cards (Beta have a slightly different design)
  • Loot chest content -> 33% DEC (from 5 to 10k+): it's 5 to 75k (50% to 150% burn value of possible card equivalent, so if it's "Gold legendary DEC", it can be 25k-75k)

Thanks a lot, I'm already working on version 0.2 and your feedback will be among the first to be implemented

I think this is off to a great start! Site design is clean and easy to navigate. I like the way you've got all the information laid out. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much, I think a clean design is essential when what you are looking for is information.
I must definitely improve the mobile UX a lot, for now I have dedicated more energy to the desktop version

I love it... I think it looks great and very well designed. It should be very useful and give the players a tool that will be super helpful! As I said in discord, I'm truly impressed! Great job :)

Thanks Dave, I really appreciate your comment. You are an experienced user, I hope you can help me both with what you know and with user feedback

Nice work! Well done.
I appreciate the details and breakdown of the abilities.
Looking forward to it's development.

Thank you @thesurfninja, I'm already working on version 0.2
any good idea is welcome :)

Pretty cool! As a new player, it is difficult finding the ins and outs of splinterlands. Would love to see some short tutorial articles!

Thank you, helping new players is my main goal

Great site already, will be epic down the road

:) Thank you

Great work and I'm looking forward to seeing what other information is added.

It would be fantastic if there was a function to read out all accounts that have a card.

I would be interested to know which accounts still have a goldfoil golden dragon from the beta version.

I don't know if it's possible, but I'll try

Looks great! This will be a very useful tool for new players. One thing I might recommend is arranging the display of cards the same way as done on the SPL game itself... sorted first in order by splinter (fire, water, earth, life, death, dragon) then by rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary).

thanks, it's a good feedback

Amazing tool. I love the gold foil hover with the tilting. :-)

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Thank you!
I admit that I like it a lot too :)

Love it! Awesome work @tehox

Just what I have been looking for! My quest is complete. R+

Great! :)

Nice job so far!

Thank you, and I have many ideas in the pipeline

Cool! like the abilities section

Thanks, in reality it all started from that section, I was looking for a place where everything was explained, but I couldn't find it.
So I decided to do it myself!

Great stuff! Simple and easy for newbies; and educational even for experienced players.

Yes, it's my goal!
Thank you @vettev for the upvote and the tip!

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