Opening 25 Untamed Packs! Was it worth It?

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Hello, Splinterlands Family! I filmed this video awhile ago, but I'm just now posting it.

Everybody knows @clove71 is the peoples' champ in Splinterlands. She gets the most amazing pulls I've seen from packs. I think the reason she gets the cards she gets is because of her giving spirit. She has given away thousands of dollars of assets and helped so many people. When you give as much as she has, you will always receive more back. That is the energy of the universe or God if you will. I am so proud of her, and grateful to be at her side also receiving those blessings.

Being around all this greatness has me catching FOMO sometimes. I'm a good person but my karma is not as great as hers, but I do okay with packs. I have gratitude though because I feel very privelidged to even be able to open packs, seeing how some people will never get to open an untamed pack or as many chaos packs as I have opened. Also, a lot of our Phillipino (I hope I spelled that right.) friends recently experienced a huge typhoon where there were catastrophic losses. So I'm thankful for every blessing and card I rceive always. I paid $1500 for these packs. When I think of it in terms of USD that's crazy, so like I said before any pack opening is a great pack opening as far as I'm concerned.

Check out this video and see what I got! I appreciate your precious time. Thanks.

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2 legendary in pack! nice man! congratz!

Wow was sind die denn wert wenn du die verkaufst

Postingan indah

Kron the Undying! What an amazing pull!