Pack Theory

Okay guys... I have a theory... I feel that when buying packs from a third party site like Tribaldex, you end up with not much luck.. But if you buy direct from the Splinterlands site.. you get alot more luck.. to test that theory.. I decided to do a little experiment..
Up first are the 3 packs bought from Splinterlands directly..
Pack 1
Screenshot_20220903-125032_Hive Keychain.jpg
Pack 2
Screenshot_20220903-125102_Hive Keychain.jpg
Pack 3
Screenshot_20220903-125128_Hive Keychain.jpg
As you can see, I ended up with a summoner 2 epics 1 rare gold foil, a few other rares, and a legendary. Pretty damn good luck if you ask me (all without having potions to increase odds).
Onto tribaldex packs..
I only purchased 2.
First pack
Screenshot_20220903-132701_Hive Keychain.jpg
Second Pack
Screenshot_20220903-132738_Hive Keychain.jpg

As you can see, the pack odds seem to be way better when buying on the site.. but thats my opinion.


It is random. :)

It is random, but karma is a b****!🤣

Congrats for the pulls! 😉

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Well I'm bias but I hope but you're wrong.

Just bought 3 packs from HE for the first time in a long time and I can't remember how to move them to splinterlands main site. 😅

Mind helping out?

For sure I can help out. What I posted is only a theory lol. I have had luck on both. On the OPEN pack page, you see the 2 circles where the chaos pack is located? There should be an arrow, a plus symbol and 2 cards overlapping. Click the circles. Transfer in from Hive Engine and done.
Screenshot_20220907-155027_Hive Keychain.jpg

Hahaha cheers. 2 of the packs were pretty dope btw. One epic and a few rare. 😁


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