kevian21's (bronze rank) epic summoner trick

in Splinterlandslast year
Authored by @kevian21

kevian21 here

zup guys i had to used an alt account to upload cause i dont have enough resource credits on the main one.

there is a cheap trick the top rankers in bronze are using everytime they have the chance to each of their advantage using epic summoners

as you may know bronze limits are

3 common

2 rare

2 epic

1 legendary

but with an epic summoner at level 2 it unlocks lvl 3 rare cards which is a huge advantage in bronze league im here to explain how to properly use it and share some strategies of mine used in the recent tournament yggspl challenge week 9


1st battle


from this battle the ruleset are armored up "gives +2 armor to all" and close ranged "ranged monsters can attack from the front

applying my 2 must check in everygame silver and below

  1. can you survive sneak
  2. anti magic cards atleast 1

see even in this tournaments where good skill people gather, people still tend to use the magic dmg cause it does not miss and goes through armor.

my anti magic here is the lvl 3 rare prismatic energy cause it has high health and magic reflect.

in high mana battles like this you must maximize your damage after magic which i did 4+3+3+6+3 = 19 total damage.

also its important for high HP monsters to be front even if those are ranged cause it gives your team more rounds to inflict damage with.

by exploiting this summoner epic i won by sheer damage by giving my melee +1 dmg and also noticing that level 3 rares which is the silver shield assasin, sheriff and prismatic energy they gave me a huge advantage by being level 3 cause of the +1 dmg from assasin, the additional skill pierce from sheriff and +1 health for prismatic energy.

ss assasin.JPG

ss sheriff.JPG


2nd battle

round 2.JPG

this battle's ruleset has "sneak" which means all melee can attack with sneak ability, the ruleset trample is hard to pull off in bronze.

this is another example of using the epic summoner to your advantage notice 5 monster in my team are all rares, hell even the chicken has an attack which he does not have in lvl 2

and by applying the 2 must check in everygame silver and below

  1. can you survive sneak
  2. anti magic cards atleast 1

my anti sneak strategy here is the mycelic infantry which has a shield ability reduced physical dmg for him which is very good also he is lvl 3 which gives extra +1 dmg which is always nice


as for my anti magic strategy i had prismatic energy "magic reflect" and mushroom seer "silence" (-1 magic dmg)

my damage plan in this battle is to double attack with melee which is grund and hobgoblin using the sneak rule given this battle and giving +1 dmg to all my melee cards with my summoner for the total of 19 dmg before magic

grund 4x2 = 8
hobgoblin 3x2 = 6
mycelic infantry 5

very few can withstand such damage output in a 24 mana battle

3rd battle

3 rd.JPG

in battles sometimes the ruleset helps us out by removing the magic out of a battle, that is one less thing to worry about.

in this particular battle the rule blast is applied so i had to figure out how to make the most dmg to my enemy given the high mana of 57

as you can see my line up is always prepared for sneak attacks evening out the dmg with the hp axe master life is 6 and deep lurker life is 7.

what I had in mind that if the axemaster was to die fast cause of sneak my other card beside him with higher health wont die as fast as a result giving him a chance to attack.

my enemy from this round gambled with the disintegrator that card reduces the melee dmg by 1 but i have mixed dmg of ranged and melee so it did not payoff therefore wasting his mana and a chance for other card usage this move really put him at the disadvantage with the ruleset of blast, all you wanna do is dish out as much damage as possible as fast as possible.


Tournament Placement

a big thanks to ygg spl for making this tournament i placed 3rd upon


i hope this guide can help people better understand the trick used in epic summoners for bronze rank.

thank you for reading and happy grinds.

Disclaimer: All the images used in this post were taken from the game's website in my account


Cool trick Kevian. Sharing this on Splinterlands Digest Twitter.

@globalwarming thanks man i appreciate it have a great day!