[July 1] 7-days Waves Challenge!

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Yesterday, we started our #waveschallenge, which aims to encourage more people to wave, to engage, and of course, to have fun together with other ecencians!

To keep it easy to track the challenge participants I will make a summary post on each challenge day. On July 1st we had 9 waves🔥!!!

Here are the first waves:👇

Day 1: Summer is...


Summer is a time for outdoor adventures, refreshing swims, and creating lasting memories.
It's a time to explore, bask in the sun's warmth, and create cherished moments that will forever be etched in our hearts. 😊


Summer is swimming season, and children are swimming without stopping)


Hello, how are you?
Summer is a time of the year that I really like. It's beach days, a gathering of friends.


Summer is a great time for a beer! What a heaven!


I love summer, but also love spring and autumn. Winter is a little difficult to love, unless viewed thru the window!


Summer is ... icecream, fresh sweet fruits, swimming and the best for me: Long warm evenings where you can sit outside looking at the stars.


Summer is not my favourite season as I like spring and autumn the most 😉


Summer is the best season. Seeing all the plants and flowers and hiking in nature makes me happy.


Summer is my favourite season. I love the sun, long days and holidays!
If I can choose, I prefer a mountain destination to walk through nature.

Those 9 wavers can do their 2nd day of the challenge and create a wave on topic I wish you @[tag your friend]...

All others can join the challenge any time but if you want to complete all 7 days, you should join in no later than July 3rd!

Learn more about the challenge here. Ride the wave with us!


50% of post rewards goes to the community account @hive-133311


Thanks for the mention.
I will try not to miss any day.
Greetings to all from Caracas.

Great Waves Promotion!


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I like this contest. Keep up the #waves!

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Thanks for the update, this helps 😉
Up to the next day…
Let’s WAVE 🌊

Have a lovely Sunday all 👋🏻

I want to complete the challenge! It’s great to see new wavers surfing with us, thank you for this amazing idea. ♥️🤗

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