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Dreaming of traveling around the world or moving to any country in the world, would be a real adventure if it became a reality, an opportunity to know new places and cultures, learn a new language, meet new people.

This week the new theme about: A country where I want to live
Seems very interesting to me, at certain times in my life I have dreamed of traveling to different parts of the world, clear my mind and take on new challenges.


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Every place in the world has its beauty, potential, worth exploring, the idea of leaving our comfort zone is not very attractive if we have never considered the option of living somewhere else.

Personally, I am not worried about leaving my comfort zone, I have adapted to many changes in my life, so it is not a problem for me if I have to pack my bags and move far away.

Some days I would like to go far away with my children, take my suitcases and cross the borders of my country and start over in another country.

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There is a country in the world that I have dreamed of visiting, that country is Canada, a place that has always caught my attention as well as New Zealand.


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When deciding where I would like to live, I have many personal reasons to select this place, however it is good to recognize that this idea of traveling to live in that country fills me with fear.

For an immigrant to start again in another country with few economic resources is not easy, however it is brave to take on this challenge, for me if this dream comes true it would be wonderful.

Although in every beginning there are always challenges to assume, that must always be kept in mind.

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Canada is a very beautiful country, full of landscapes that fascinate me, that transmit me a lot of peace.


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When we dream of a place we wish to live a peaceful life, longing for many other dreams to come true.

In my heart I keep many dreams, to achieve many of them I must make an effort, save, look for new opportunities for that exit door to open.

I am very excited to imagine that trip to Canada, my life would change radically if this dream comes true.

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Pues anímate. Yo soy de Venezuela y ya tengo trece años aquí en Canadá. Los dos primeros años me impacto el clima frío, ya me he acostumbrado. Aprendí a disfrutar lo mágico de cada estación y me adapté.

Me alegra saber que Canadá es parte de Vida, espero ir allá y mirar cada una de esas bellas estaciones

As well as I know it's so beautiful country and I also love to visit the country someday.

It's true that every beginning is challenging but with time we can adapt with it.

That's how it is, every change needs some time to adapt, I hope to go to Canada soon. Greetings @intishar

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Thanks so much friend for Sharing with us, many grettings ❣️

thanks for commenting @carlitazulay

As an immigrant in Canada, well it isn't so peaceful! Like you said when you migrate you start all over again 99% of the time. You have bills to pay and you mostly live to pay them! But I agree that the nature in here is amazing and staying close to the nature once in a while brings some peace.

Thank you for sharing your experience in these lines, moving to another country is a challenge, it is a decision that should be well thought out, greetings @gwajnberg

I have never been to Canada except flying through Nova Scotia once. Hearing and seeing many posts about it, and seeing it on TV makes me want to travel there. However I am not sure I would want to live there year round dur to it being so cold during the winter.

It is a country where it is very cold, it is still a good option for a vacation, thanks for commenting.

Canada is on my bucket list :) I wish your dream come true very soon! :)

Thank you very much, I hope your trip to Canada will be soon, a hug @ecency-star

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