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RE: Hive vs Steem Stats - Saturday, April 3, 2021

I feel personally demonized by attempting to use both. Some event on steemit had caused me to be punished here on the hive. It has been a real awful headache trying to figure out how to reset keys if my recovery account is on steem. I have little faith in PeakD with steem-engine being Hive-engine corruption. They seem to centralize Hive with an inside game using a downvote Spaminator who punishes on hive mistakes made in steemit. I have no idea whats going on. All i know is this week long headache is too much. There are other sites such as odysee or presearch i can put my efforts.


Downvoting is a problem, for example, my March 2021 monthly review post was downvoted for no reason at all.

The highjacking of your account dates back years to before Hive existed. People just care about that more here. I do consider the flagging a little heavy-handed, but it got your attention :)

I use Presearch, but you would struggle to make very much there.I can make more with one post here than all my searching there.

This is all too much for me. I am deescalating my account. Am glad they didnt get my active key. I believe peakd is broken and there are look alike hive signers out there. Good luck,

I don't think there is any issue with peakd. People would be screaming if there were. Your choice what you do, but I have done all I can to help. Hive is not simple, but that is down to how it has to be. People will try to steal your keys and some are very sneaky. Things like Keychain reduce the risk.

Perhaps an awful coordinated power money grab from mid level witnesses. Perhaps an order from the top to cut the fat. Dont know why they chose me. All i did was post original content (for better or worse). I do know i sank thousands upon thousands of mined dogecoins into the blockchain. im not leaving but will continue to eat popcorn and watch all the criminals at play.



We received your application for verification.
We have no idea what kind of "spun" you are referring to.

Are you sure that you would like to be verified by those who you consider criminals?
"You all really did a number on my stupid self. Im so spun. You all look like criminals"

We also received another message in Discord, in the "general questions" channel that suggests that you may not want to be verified:


We replied to your message in the "phishing" channel:

I'm not sure what more I can do for jazzresin. Not sure what they are on about, but they are still active.

It seems they were caught up in the scam that compromised their voting and that of many others. Things like changing keys and voting authority can seem complicated to some and they may not understand the reasons. If they get flagged for their unintentional mistakes then they can feel aggrieved. I was just trying to help. We could do with more tutorials aimed at less technical people to help them out of such problems.

You are doing important work, but it can be difficult if people think you are the bad guys.

Ok. Things have settled down and are much smoother. I havent logged on to peakd or leofinance. Was exploring using leodex and investing in cub stuff like that but will prob leave it alone. Will cancel my powerdown of vesting and merely exist on hive and steem, yeah instructions would be good. Anyways what was going on really was beyond my comprehension. I swear a hive login site telling me to give it my steem keys. I felt phished from within. If my backup status is on steem then maybe i should start a new hive account to prevent further confusion. Call me a canary in a coalmine. I kick and scream am not afraid to speak my mind. Am unashamed of any ignorance cause there is a never ending learning curve. It seems like that anyways. Discord? People using discord to communicate important information about the actual hive blockchain. Its like that everywhere. Discord is a big gui mess. Prob should spend time and clean and delete. I ramble. Again sorry for my accusations and melt downs.

You all suck for hacking me.