Hive vs Steem Stats - Saturday, April 3, 2021

Welcome to my Hive vs Steem Stats Report for Saturday, April 3, 2021. All data is collected directly from the Steem and Hive blockchains and is based on UTC time.

1. Posts, including comments


DateHive PostsSteem Posts

2. Posts, excluding comments


DateHive PostsSteem Posts

3. Average number of comments per post


4. Daily number of votes


DateHive VotesSteem Votes

5. Daily accounts transacting


DateHive accounts transactingSteem accounts transacting

6. Daily number of users that are posting


DateHive accounts postingSteem accounts posting

7. New accounts created


DateHive new accountsSteem new accounts

8. Vesting / Power UP


DateHive powered UPSteem powered UP

9. HIVE & STEEM transferred


10. HIVE & STEEM Transfers to and from exchanges


This chart shows the difference between deposits and withdrawals on all exchanges. Transfers from one exchange to another are excluded. A negative number means more withdrawn than deposited.

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The average number of comments per post is going down, but the daily number of users that are posting is going up. Both on both of the blockchains.

Almost everyone is focusing on their own posts, and not on caring about and supporting each other. If the people would focus on supporting each other, these blockchains would be literally become life changer for the most people. The cryptocurrencies would worth much more.

But the majority of the users are selfish and greedy. The ROI (return on investment) is more important to them.
They turn these blockchains into investing based platforms, and not into social networks, where the people would team up with each other.

Imagine investing love, care and time, instead of money.
That way would be better for everyone.

Oligarchical structures - supported by sycophantic midwits...what do you expect? lol

Yes. The Steem blockchain and the Hive blockchain perfectly described. But that dream would be scary and frightening, not "fantastically boring".

Oh, I dunno.....the only thing I find scary or frightening about it, is the discovery that there are so many shades of gray (and not is sexy way).

This depends on the viewpoint. The people, who only say "money, money, money" is just one shade of grey, because they are all the same.

The level of sycophancy, alters the shades, imo...

It seems to me that it gets darker and darker , the more sycophancy that's involved ( it's gets increasingly boring) ...but that my perspective.

Yep but to be expected when the price starts to rise; more people post and only so many comments to go around. What we need to do is expand the user base. A lot of those steem posts are automated also; so its not a fair comparison really.

That's because the change to 50/50 rewards caused an inverse incentive against Proof Of Brain concept, whereas people are incentivized to just buy Hive, power it up, follow any curation trail that constantly votes a lot daily, and profit form no work. 50/50 rewards is the wrong incentive.

Unsurprisingly activity goes up on both as the token prices rise. We've seen some extra abuse on Hive, but a lot is being dealt with. I did glance at Steem and some accounts are really milking rewards with little interaction. Good to see Steempeak is being phased out.

I still wonder what all the new Hive accounts are doing as they do not seem to lead to as much activity as you would hope. I think people are hoarding them.

Who is abusing? I have downvotes I dont use that can help a tiny bit

This is one of a group of accounts spamming the system. They just got some huge votes that need cancelling out.

On the music side of things at HIVE, I see some newbees making a true effort to create cool posts. Also, some artists that I classify belonging to the top of quality music, singing, playing and whatnot. So happy to see this! Few enter the engaging side of things: Great! But, many dropping posts only though. I also see returning users now the $ value is up. So strange, since one could make more HIVE per post when HIVE $ value was rock bottom and reap the rewards when HIVE $ value is higher as it is now. Strange way of looking at things. I also see valued returning HIVE users dropping multiple posts a day with some up to 5 and more a day, in essence to milk the system using their auto voters. I also see some of the higher value auto voters not re-organising their auto votes based on content quality. Some of them are our top witnesses.

Great to see more users. Great to see returning users. Great to see more posts. Overall the absolute number of quality posts did increase last period. But, we still have a long way to go before monetised blogging can be called a success :)

I've noticed returning users when compiling a list of active Brits here. Some will try to milk rewards and those giving auto-votes need to set limits. The account I have supporting small accounts only gives them up to 10 votes per week. I would very rarely post more than twice in a day. I don't want to abuse the good will of those who support me, but of course some are mainly out for what they can make.

I have a very similar view as to you! Don't even have too many auto voters, actually a few with not more than 1$ of value. But even when I would not have auto voters at all, I would not post more than a post a day. In recent weeks/months I barely reach 1 post a week. I simply can't post something that is created quickly. Whenever I try, the post becomes a time-consuming task over and over again :) I shall pick up engagement again. Get the 'sleepers' woken up and support people like you to increase the comment count per post.

Yep, on STEEM the high SBD price is farmed, so delegate everything to upvu and only vote yourself with it ... There you do not need social interactions xD

I'm all out of Steem and not buying my way back in. They censored my account, so I want nothing to do with it.

I feel personally demonized by attempting to use both. Some event on steemit had caused me to be punished here on the hive. It has been a real awful headache trying to figure out how to reset keys if my recovery account is on steem. I have little faith in PeakD with steem-engine being Hive-engine corruption. They seem to centralize Hive with an inside game using a downvote Spaminator who punishes on hive mistakes made in steemit. I have no idea whats going on. All i know is this week long headache is too much. There are other sites such as odysee or presearch i can put my efforts.

Downvoting is a problem, for example, my March 2021 monthly review post was downvoted for no reason at all.

The highjacking of your account dates back years to before Hive existed. People just care about that more here. I do consider the flagging a little heavy-handed, but it got your attention :)

I use Presearch, but you would struggle to make very much there.I can make more with one post here than all my searching there.

This is all too much for me. I am deescalating my account. Am glad they didnt get my active key. I believe peakd is broken and there are look alike hive signers out there. Good luck,

I don't think there is any issue with peakd. People would be screaming if there were. Your choice what you do, but I have done all I can to help. Hive is not simple, but that is down to how it has to be. People will try to steal your keys and some are very sneaky. Things like Keychain reduce the risk.

Perhaps an awful coordinated power money grab from mid level witnesses. Perhaps an order from the top to cut the fat. Dont know why they chose me. All i did was post original content (for better or worse). I do know i sank thousands upon thousands of mined dogecoins into the blockchain. im not leaving but will continue to eat popcorn and watch all the criminals at play.



We received your application for verification.
We have no idea what kind of "spun" you are referring to.

Are you sure that you would like to be verified by those who you consider criminals?
"You all really did a number on my stupid self. Im so spun. You all look like criminals"

We also received another message in Discord, in the "general questions" channel that suggests that you may not want to be verified:


We replied to your message in the "phishing" channel:

I'm not sure what more I can do for jazzresin. Not sure what they are on about, but they are still active.

It seems they were caught up in the scam that compromised their voting and that of many others. Things like changing keys and voting authority can seem complicated to some and they may not understand the reasons. If they get flagged for their unintentional mistakes then they can feel aggrieved. I was just trying to help. We could do with more tutorials aimed at less technical people to help them out of such problems.

You are doing important work, but it can be difficult if people think you are the bad guys.

Ok. Things have settled down and are much smoother. I havent logged on to peakd or leofinance. Was exploring using leodex and investing in cub stuff like that but will prob leave it alone. Will cancel my powerdown of vesting and merely exist on hive and steem, yeah instructions would be good. Anyways what was going on really was beyond my comprehension. I swear a hive login site telling me to give it my steem keys. I felt phished from within. If my backup status is on steem then maybe i should start a new hive account to prevent further confusion. Call me a canary in a coalmine. I kick and scream am not afraid to speak my mind. Am unashamed of any ignorance cause there is a never ending learning curve. It seems like that anyways. Discord? People using discord to communicate important information about the actual hive blockchain. Its like that everywhere. Discord is a big gui mess. Prob should spend time and clean and delete. I ramble. Again sorry for my accusations and melt downs.

You all suck for hacking me.

Interesting. Both chains have more activity with the recent increase in value. But “accounts transacting” is only marginally up. So it seems to be more activity from the accounts which never left.

Both chains have more activity with the recent increase in value.

Except the average number of comments per post.
That is going down on both of the blockchains.

More interaction on Hive over Steem, that is good.

More, but still very low. The average number of comments per post should be much more. Many posts do not even have comments at all. Or they have only bot comments.

I think interaction is actually high compared to the user base . I have 50k followers on Instagram and get about as many comments here on Hive with 3000 followers. The issue is growing the userbase.

Many comments are bots, I believe (have no figures). I open about 100 to 150 posts a day in my curation round, and many carry either no comments, or bot comments. Interaction is done by a few heavy engagers. I've experimented with this earlier this year. Dropped many meaningful comments to many posts I opened in my daily rounds. At least half of them responded. Then I stopped dropping comments. Result: most of these users I lost touch with and many of these accounts never wrote a comment anymore since then. Even when these users should realise I gave them 2$ then, and 8$ vote value per vote. My conclusion: Many users do engage, at least respond to comments to their own posts, but one needs to push them over and over again. Its a small army of engagers who need to wake up the big army of post droppers, over and over again. Sometimes I get the feeling HIVE will be better of with content rewarding on 2nd layer, while the base layer shall become a general purpose chain without any service rewarding other than the running the chain itself, proposal system (maybe, but that system is used wrongly since day 1).

The comparison is almost the same.

Ich sehe eindeutig das die Autovoter und Autorreplys auf Hive besser funktionieren...
I can clearly see that the autovoters and autoreplys are working better on Hive ...

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Thanks very interesting!

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