25 million HIVE left the exchanges this month!

The outflow continues! :)

The charts below show how much HIVE is stored on each exchange where HIVE is listed.

HIVE stored on all exchanges


HIVE stored on Upbit


HIVE stored on Binance


HIVE stored on Huobi


HIVE stored on Bittrex


HIVE stored on Bithumb


HIVE stored on CoinEx


HIVE stored on Probit


HIVE stored on Ionomy


HIVE stored on MXC


HIVE stored on Ethereum (WHIVE)


How much HIVE is currently stored on each exchange?


ExchangeBalanceLast weekChange%
Upbit47,006,882 HIVE52,461,582 HIVE-5,454,700 HIVE-10.4%
Binance33,709,824 HIVE35,523,501 HIVE-1,813,677 HIVE-5.1%
Huobi13,549,508 HIVE13,983,618 HIVE-434,110 HIVE-3.1%
Bittrex12,579,485 HIVE13,124,683 HIVE-545,198 HIVE-4.2%
Bithumb3,053,928 HIVE3,757,820 HIVE-703,892 HIVE-18.7%
CoinEx90,325 HIVE66,655 HIVE+23,670 HIVE+35.5%
Probit108,496 HIVE92,989 HIVE+15,507 HIVE+16.7%
Ionomy25,708 HIVE25,209 HIVE+499 HIVE+2.0%
MXC22,579 HIVE22,579 HIVE0 HIVE+0.0%
Ethereum (WHIVE)19,795 HIVE19,795 HIVE0 HIVE+0.0%

Total amount of HIVE stored on all exchanges: 110,166,530 HIVE
Total HIVE supply: 370,904,300 HIVE
Non-Vested HIVE: 226,660,162 HIVE

  • 29.7% of the total supply is stored on the exchanges.
  • 48.6% of all non-vested HIVE is stored on the exchanges.

HBD on the exchanges

ExchangeHBD Balance
Upbit13,392,642 HBD
Bittrex496,469 HBD
Total13,889,111 HBD

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Do we know if any of the exchanges is using the HBD feature to kind of "resell" that as a feature inside their own accounts?

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Gonna pump hard.

That's like just freefalling from the cliff. Be ready for a hive pump ;)

So people are no longer storing their HIVE on the exchanges.

Are they selling? Are they powering up? Where is all this HIVE going?

Still though 110 million HIVE is a whole lot of HIVE just kind of sitting there doing nothing.

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Mostly it's being used to covert it to HBD.

That makes sense.

I have been converting liquid HIVE to HBD Myself.

That 10% interest rate is really, really nice.

It's unfortunate that the word "convert" is ambiguous, making it easy to be misunderstood, but what you are doing is not using the convert contract, we would call it trading or exchanging Hive for HBD.

"Converting" is using the "Convert to HBD" smart contract, technically "collateralized_convert". This smart contract allows you to convert Hive directly to HBD, without buying it from anyone, at a rate of $1.05 per HBD. Since $1.05 is less than the market price, it is extremely profitable in recent days. The only limitation is that users must post collateral which remains in the contract for 3.5 days, before being returned based on the median value of Hive over that time.

If you look at some users wallets, you can see the conversions that they are doing. Eg. my own:


So hitting "convert" when HIVE is above 1.05 is a win - as long as it stays above 1.05 for the 3.5 days?

It's a win when you sell the HBD for more than $1.05 right after converting, and Hive price doesn't drop substantially over the next 3.5 days.

Hive is just shocking me in every good way nowadays -- who would have thought it possible except those of us who BELIEVED IN HIVE?

How is Steem doing? I haven't even been paying attention. I went all in on Hive after the Tron debacle.

I keep up through @penguin-pablo's Hive vs. Steem stats that he puts out about once a week ... last I looked, the price was near the same, with Hive having closed almost all of the gap, and although Steem still has more users, Hive was beating it on metrics that show actual use EVEN BEFORE the Splinterlands bump. Since the Splinterlands bump, that has become ridiculously obvious.

Can you please include hive-engine?
This is weird. Where did the 25 million HIVE go? It was not powere up! So where is it?
10 million HIVE were converted to 5 million HBD (because we now have 5 million more HBD than 1 month ago. But what about the difference?

The price of HIVE used to be lower so it was more than 2 HIVE per HBD and a month ago the HBD supply was 10 million, 20 million now, so 10 million has been added.

Then still 5 million HIVE is missing...

You're forgetting the price was lower. 25 million HIVE @ 0.4 = 10 million HBD. Not all was converted at 0.4 since the price has been rising. Some more probably powered up or held.

I'm a little dim. Is this good? Or is this bad?

It's good because if someone wants to buy hive on exchanges, there are now less coins that could be bought. A reduction of supply is good for the price.

Thank you. But what is the reason people are suddenly withdrawing from exchanges? It will be good if they are going to stake on Hive and participate, but if they are planning to dump it somewhere else (into Justin Sun's wallet) it might be a bad thing.

I believe some them are converting Hive -> HBD because of some profit that people can make on the new Hard fork upgrade

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How many ends up in Power ups? :D

Should HIVE-Engine be included in this report? A long term study of the the movement between Hive and Hive-Engine would be fascinating

I guess that means that more people want to use their Hive actively instead of just trading it?