Titans vs Ravens Postgame Thoughts and Reaction! - 2022 NFL Preseason Week 1

Well, it's just the preseason and it's pretty unlikely that any of the players that were on the field for either team in Baltimore will ever suit up as a complete unit ever again.

For some players, these snaps played in the preseason will be the highest level of football they will ever play. NFL fans often joke about how boring and pointless these games are, but for some of these guys, this is the most exciting time in their football playing careers. These players will probably show their kids these clips, and their grandkids. To some of these players these games are simply really important.

So it is special to see guys from small colleges, or guys who beat the odds to get here, play in NFL uniforms.

When it comes to the game though yesterday, the Titans looked pretty bad at times. It was very much painful to watch here and there. Fumbles, stagnant offense at times, picks, getting diced up on defense at times.

That's how it goes in the preseason though. A lot of learning.

But there were some good, promising things to point out! A lot of fun moments sprinkled here and there that made the game pretty watchable.

Malik Willis looked like a rookie at times but he did have a nice side arm pass, a nice deep ball connection with Racey McMath and he scampered for a slick looking TD scramble!!

Malik's Deep Pass to Racey!

What a sick run!

It's great to see Malik show some of his talent. I'm not convinced he's the next GOAT yet, but he's honestly better than I thought he would look. I'm happy he's on the roster and the coaching staff is developing him! Cool to see that since he's mobile he's at least using those big bulky body pads.

Long time Titans' QB2 Logan Woodside had a pretty tough night, throwing two picks. It seems that Malik is on a good track to be QB2.

A pretty unknown OLB by the name of David Anenih for the Titans had two sacks! LOVE to see sacks at any time. Here's some footage of David in college. Perhaps he's a name to keep an eye on!

Not many other epic moments to note really.

In the end the Titans couldn't end the Ravens preseason win streak, and the Ravens have now won 21 straight. 2015 was their last preseason L. Sorta nuts. But it literally means nothing anyway.

It really was super great to see the Titans suit up though. Just a beautiful sight.

On August 20th, the Buccaneers will be visiting Nashville for the team's second preseason game.