A Minecrafty Day Off

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My Minecraft character, on the SKYROAD.ME server

I feel like as someone who works in a library I should have embraced yesterdays Book Lover's Day theme, but instead, I went with Caturday. Today, rather than making up for it, I'm slacking off to play Minecraft.

It was a lazy Sunday, trying to catch up on rest from last week's full-on schedule. This afternoon I decided to jump onto the SKYROAD.ME Minecraft server. It's been FOREVER since I've played Minecraft Java, let alone visited Skyroad. I didn't have high hopes that my little base in Survival would still be there.

First of all, I had to jump through all the account changeover to Microsoft hoops. Then download the new launcher, uninstall the old, and so on. Finally, I was able to log in. Jumping into Skyroad reminded me that it's all in German, so a bit of fumbling at first to get the commands right.

I arrived on the Survival server and huge surprise - my little house was still there! Even better, there was still "money" in my account to keep paying the plot rent (it's a Towny server, so you earn money by farming/mining and then rent land from town owners).


There were some minor block issues to sort out in a few areas, but everything seemed intact. Even my chests were still full of loot.


So I've just spent a lovely afternoon pottering around on there. Now I'm working on adding more levels to my farm building. I'm classing this all as rest and self-care :-)

Do you play Minecraft? Have you checked out the SKYROAD.ME server?

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