House Hunting - Part 4

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Photo by Everyday basics on Unsplash

Some super exciting news tonight! The house hunt is over.

That "little cutie" house I went to look at? Well, I loved it so much, I went to look at it again. It was adorable. Gorgeous at the front, a little quirky at the back, in the way of 100-plus-year-old wooden houses that have had a few extensions added over the years.

So I put an offer in, then went off and waited and stressed about it A LOT. This afternoon I found out my offer was accepted, and I signed the contract.


We have a home. And she is gorgeous. Moving day is still a good two months away, but I can't wait to share photos once we're settled in.

In the meantime, I'll be focused on getting our current old house ready for moving out.

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Congratulations!!!! They accepted your offer!!!! Mazel Tov!

Congrats! A new home is exciting, the packing - not so much.

More photos! So glad that part is over!