This Old House, Revisited

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Back in January, I'd posted about the old girl and how the weight of her sometimes got to me.

Previous post: This Old House.

I continued to work hard on her for the first half of this year, carrying out the never-ending yard work and maintenance tasks, replacing worn-out appliances, following up on planning advice and seeking quotes for renovations and improvements. Around me, though, the housing market was heating up. By July, I couldn't ignore it and was starting to pay attention.

One Saturday afternoon, in the midst of mowing that yard yet again, I stopped the mower to take a breath and had an epiphany.

It was time.
Time to let go.
Time to move on.
Time to make changes.
Time to find a house that fit our lifestyle needs better.

I had our finances sorted within the week, a very vague plan of action, and an appointment booked with a real estate agent. Since then, I've emptied the house of everything unnecessary, packed up a lot of our gear, sold or given away so much stuff and furniture that I've stopped counting, and managed to fill our wheelie bin with junk every week (sorry landfill!)

The house feels so much lighter. It also strangely doesn't feel like forever home anymore. I still love her, and all of her 96-year-old creaks and groans, but there's that sense that our time together is coming to an end. It's sad and exciting all at the same time.

We still don't know where or what our new home will be. I have a solid plan of action in place now, though, and I should have some exciting new house adventures to post in a couple of months!

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My husband built this house from the ground up and I just couldn't imagine living anywhere else. We built to suit are needs and he was in the process of an aging -in-place addition when he died at Christmas 2020. I am now the GC and working to finish the addition with the help of a 77 year old carpenter.

I've lived here since 1983 and while we moved often as renters, once we had this, we had no interest in being anywhere else.

So I'm really curious what you would be seeking in a new place.....

It's mostly to do with zoning. I'd love to keep her, but the area is zoned for units and I'm slowly being surrounded by them. The zoning also means I can't do a lot of the improvements I'd like to or split the block to reduce the amount of upkeep it requires, so it was better to make the decision to move and find somewhere suitably zoned that I can pour my money and time into than to continue on here.

Ahhh, that makes total sense!

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