Hive Blog Posting Month (aka #HiveBloPoMo) starts April 1st 2022!

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Quick shout out about #HivePUD (Hive Power Up Day) for those wondering why I haven't posted the announcement yet. I meant to mention last month that I've decided to now combine that and the "Welcome to Power Up Day" posts and publish it soon after the clock ticks over to April 1st.

I've written about this 30 Day blockchain blogging challenge (inspired by National Blog Posting Month aka NaBloPoMo challenge) a number of times over the past few years, so like last time, I'm going to keep this announcement post short and sweet. Well, short for me...😂

Firstly, here are links to my other Blog Posting Month posts -


What exactly is Hive Blog Posting Month?

The description I have in the header graphics for the HiveBloPoMo Hive account, as well as the Twitter account is -

  • Post daily on the Hive Blockchain for the month of April 2022
  • Win the amazeballs feeling of having 30 new posts earning crypto on the Hive blockchain!


Is there a community for HiveBloPoMo?

I'm so glad you asked, because YES! As of October 28th, 2021, there is a community devoted to this twice a year initiative.

The HiveBloPoMo Community


What else is going on for April?

In the world at large, there is National Poetry Month (this year happens to be the 25th anniversary), which is celebrated by poets sharing daily poetry on blogs and social media.

On the Hive blockchain, I know of three at the moment, but I'll be sure to edit this post if I discover any others.

  • WalkTalkChallenge by @epodcaster - For the second year, one of the busiest and most incredible blockchain promoters on social media will be "walking and talking with women entrepreneurs and women in the web3 space about their goals and challenges." For more info, take a peek at her post, WalkTalkChallenge April 1-30: Web3 Women and go to her recent tweet that has a "Set Reminder" image so you can join the challenge live!

And the other two are both done by the ever awesome @hivebuzz team!

  • Hive Power Up Month - power up every day during the month, either by powering up at least 1 Hive, or setting your post payouts to 100% Hive Power. Check out this post for more details - Be ready for the next Hive Power Up Month!

  • Monthly Author Badge - what better time to try for it? Here's a bit of the description from the HiveBuzz website -

Keep in mind that a month begins the first of the month and ends the last day of the month (like on calendars), and that HiveBuzz uses UTC time to validate when you published your post! It is not a date to date month. If you miss one post on one day, you will miss this monthly award and you will have to wait for the next month to try to obtain this badge again.


What should I post about?

I'd been meaning to do this for ages, and as of November 2021 I finally put it together! Here's a calendar page with prompts for each day. Please remember these are just suggestions and don't feel obligated to use them. Oh, and I used Holiday Insights (which states it's "one of the original holiday calendar sites") as a reference for fun & interesting holidays in April. Check out the link if you want more info about my non-Hive specific choices, or to see what else is being celebrated each day.

HiveBloPoMo April 2022 Prompt Calendar.png

There were also some cool suggestions from the HiveTwitter peeps during today's @HiveBloPoMo #HiveChat. Here's a link to the tweet, if you want to take a peek at the replies -


EDITED TO ADD: @shadowspub reminded me in a comment below that she has an awesome email list that sends out a variety of daily prompts. Here's a copy of what she has in the footer of all her posts -

image courtesy of @shadowspub

"Would you like to receive writing prompts every day? You can subscribe to Prompt A Day to get started."


What do I win if I do all 30 posts?

As I said in the short description, you win the amazeballs feeling of completing the challenge and having 30 new posts on the blockchain! But as I've done for every other BloPoMo, I plan to do a little something to help keep everyone motivated and/or thank them for their participation.

I'm not sure I can swing any sort of badges at this point, but now that there's a community, I plan to investigate that next. And since I'm a curator for @ocd, I will be keeping an eye on posts in the HiveBloPoMo community and might be able to recommend a few for curation through OCD's Niche Community Initiative.


That's it!

Good luck to everyone giving this (or any of the other 30 day challenges) a go! Please feel free to shout out if you have any questions and happy Hive blog posting!


Image Credits: blog thumbnail and blog prompt calendar created on Canva.


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Speaking of witch which...


Almost made my first monthly author badge...almos :(, so April, HERE I GO!untitled.gif

Yay! That's awesome, @mechis85 - crossing my fingers that you make it for April! 🤞 🎉

I'm in!!! Woo-hoo!!

@tipu curate

I'm gona try my best, I like most of your suggested prompts🙃

Thanks, @lizelle - there were a couple I thought might be kind of challenging for me, but figured someone else might want to give it a go (yes, I'm looking at you, April 2nd 😜). Happy to have you join us! 🤗

April 2nd is the only one I'm not sure of 👀...maybe give it a twist 🤔

Yep, I was thinking of maybe doing a fictional piece, like a flash fiction or something. Or I might skip it and do something

Woooooo! I plan to give this a go this coming month, combining HPUM with a blog post a day. Wish me luck!!

I'd wish you luck, but I don't think you'll need it @consciouscat because I think you'll absolutely ROCK it!

(and I'm pretty sure I never replied, when you asked if it was a bother to tag me in a thank you when I reblog your posts - it's never a bother, and you're a sweetheart for doing so. 🤗)

Oh, you are so kind. Thank you @traciyork. Your belief in me and your encouragement inspires me to show up and play with as much courage and grace as I can muster 🤗

(Oh, and good! I'm glad! 🙌)

Ok, I'm pretty new to Hive, but I'm going to give it a try! Thanks for the challenge, and the suggestions on what to post.

Excellent, @greensandpinks! You're very welcome and good luck!

Ha ha found you where I normally appear to find you on Twitter, day late for chats which I miss constantly of late, nonetheless great to see you back at the helm of a month of serious blogging, will try.... no promises 😂


Yep, I've been a day late & a dollar short on things for a bit myself. So happy you're going to give it a go, Joan and best of luck, busy lady! 🥰

Keeping the head down, hopefully in forward motion. Have a great day and hope the month is another success story for you.

I´ll be trying this challenge!

Good luck to everyone and lets keep working to make this community grow.

Coolness, @neuerko and good luck to you as well!

Great @traciyork so it's something like Movember :) I have been posting almost every day for last four months and now your post motivates me even more to be part of Mopril :). I will do both MOPRIL and PUD, my third in a row.

Those are an awesome achievements, @rayt2! I've heard of No-Shave November but hadn't heard about Movember - thanks for putting that on my radar. And best of luck with HiveBloPoMo and HivePUD! 😊

Cool initiative, and I will see how many of those that I can handle ... I'll try!

Awesomeness, @hetty-rowan! How does the saying go? Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 😁

Really cool initiative. It's a bad timing for me though :) lol with the emigration ahead I'm just going with my own flow. But I will surely head out for nice posts :)

Thanks @thisismylife and completely understandable why the timing is bad for you. Sending you lots of good emigration vibes and hope everything goes well. 🤗

I shall need it but in the end, it will all work out fine, I'm sure :)
Thanks @traciyork <3

Thank you very much friend @traciyork, it was my first #hivechat and it was fantastic, so I think my first #hiveblopomo will be great too and much better from you.

Thank you in return for your awesome participation in Hive Chat, @isabelpena and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Best of luck with HiveBloPoMo too! 🤗

Thanks to you for this magnificent challenge, the month of April will be complete.

Oh this looks awesome and thanks for putting up a suggested schedule. I am not sure I will do them all but will do some for sure.
It is a great feeling managing a blog a day for a month and I am sure everyone who participates will have a lot of fun.
Thank you for the delegations this year, it has been very very much appreciated and thank you for all you do in PUD and the hivebuzz guys too, you are awesome so thank you:)

You're very welcome, @tengolotodo and that's the idea - in fact, last month I only ended up doing maybe a quarter of the suggested on a particular day, and sometimes I switched up days entirely. But I find it helps spark ideas for sure.

You're also very welcome foe the delegations - it wasn't that long ago that I was a red fish, and it was thanks to the help of a number of larger accounts that I was able to grow my account. I'm always happy to pay that forward.

Best of luck with Power Up Day and Hive Blog Posting Month!

It is great to get ideas for posts, and I love reading prompts, sometimes they actually trigger other prompts.
Paying it forward is great, I do it elsewhere and will be doing it here soon too,

Thank you and best of luck to you too😀

I'll give it another shot... why not? Last attempt was killed by a day long power/Internet outage, but one of these days I'll make it!

Ugh, I remember that - such a bummer. Glad to see you're going to give it another go!

I'm hopeful! April tends to have fewer storms than November, and certainly no snow to weigh down branches that fall and break power lines!

Hi I just need some clarification on the Hive Power Up Day. If I power up I cannot delegate or move my HP in 30 days right? Can I delegate and power up at the same day then if I want to delegate some of my HP and the others use to Power Up? Thanks.

Hello @sisterhood2 - I'll do my best to clarify this for you, but if you still don't understand, please don't hesitate to ask additional questions. I'll use your wallet as an example, to hopefully make it easier.

At the moment, you have about 782 HP (Hive Power) that you could delegate to another account if you wished (although you should leave something like 20 HP so you can still post, comment, and vote). If you wanted to cancel the delegation, it would be returned to you in 5 days.

You also have about 500 HP delegated to you (from myself and aliento) as part of your Power Up Day prize. When we cancel those for the next Power Up Day, it will be out of your account immediately, but will take 5 days to be returned to us.

In addition, you have around 830 Hive (also called liquid Hive) that you can either power up to your own account (which then becomes Hive Power), or power up to another account (which becomes their Hive Power and is no longer yours - many people do this when onboarding friends to help them get started).

You absolutely can power up and delegate in the same day, as long as you have enough Hive and Hive Power available.

I can't think of anything to do with HP that takes 30 days. If you wanted to power down your Hive Power, it would take 13 weeks to turn it from Hive Power to Hive (although some other blockchains take 4 weeks to power down, so that might be where the confusion is).

I hope that all made sense! 😊

All clear, thank you.

Yey! I hope to receive my first monthly author badge in March, but why not have one in April as well, right?

I'm in !!! 😄

Congratulations, @coquicoin! That's not an easy task - even with all the HiveBloPoMos that I've done, I've only gotten the Monthly badge 3 times! 😲

And this is my feeling on the @hivebuzz badges... 😂

Hehe! I share that feeling with the badges! 😄😄
Have a wonderful day!

I have been thinking of this. Can I write a post a day? Senility might set in, but I will try...


I'm already crazy (just ask my family, it was actually my campground nickname at one, but I've managed it a few times. If I can, anyone can, and I have no doubt you are more than up for the challenge. Thanks for the !PIZZA and !LOLZ, !LUV -ly lady! 😁

Why did Mickey Mouse get a pie on his face?
Because Donald ducked!

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@harlowjourney, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @traciyork
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The person who invented autocorrect
should burn in hello.

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I've been slacking on getting posts out so this might be a good time to try to get back onto the daily track. Also, I have an email list, Prompt A Day, that sends out a set of prompts every day (word, nonfiction, fiction & quote) if anyone is looking for more inspiration. The link to subscribe is at the bottom of my posts.

That's right - I completely spaced your email list. Thanks for the brain nudge & for the permission to copy your footer (as I've edited in now). And before it falls out of my brain like the last time I noticed your email list, I'm going to subscribe right now! 😂

Hi, for Hive Blo Po Mo should we post in this new community or only use the #hivblopomo tag?

Hi @beeber! You can post in the community for greater visibility, or you can crosspost after posting in a different community. Or just use the #hiveblopomo tag - whichever is easiest for you. 😊

Ok :-) thank you for the information !LUV

Wow! this certainly sounds interesting & I'm going to try this. I always say that I'm going for hive power up month but never quite meet the challenge. I always stop early on, but with so much going on hear that you can accomplish all in the same month with just one post each day, That's cool!
Now to get my creative juices' flowing, setting my HP @ 100% right now so it's not an issue tomorrow.

Awesome, @successchar and glad you're going to give it a go! Best of luck this month!

I'm going to give this a good try @traciyork, I need some motivation, think this is just what the Dr. Odered. Thank you.☺

Sounds awesome, @artywink and you're very welcome! 🤗

Hello happy evening, I have been a long time without greeting you and I found this surprise, I'm glad to know that you have your own community and also have an initiative two months a year.

I have tried to post daily for a month but I have never achieved the goal, it is hard for me to do that since I invest a lot of time in the images, however it motivates me more to do the challenge because I will have double incentive, meet a goal, earn a badge and give a little bit to your community.

I'm already registered, I'm going on vacation for a week in April so it's very difficult to achieve it.

I have a silly question but an important doubt for me m, do I have to post every day in your community? Or do you accept to use a tag. I look forward to your answer and thank you very much for the great work and contribution you give to hive @traciyork 🤗

Hello @soyunasantacruz and yes, long time no see!

And I agree that the daily posting thing is difficult - I've only managed the HiveBuzz Monthly author badge 3 times, and I've been running this initiative twice a year for a few years now. 😲 😂

That's an excellent question, and as I said to someone else - you can post in the community for greater visibility, or you can crosspost after posting in a different community. Or just use the #hiveblopomo tag - whichever is easiest for you. 😊

Best of luck, and hope you have a wonderful vacation as well!

What a great disposition, there are many options to participate, from tomorrow I will also start making a small Powerup from my wallet, take note of these small but great details to consider.

My vacation will be for 4 days to a place far away from my country Venezuela, I will be with the indigenous and the most forgotten tribes of my land, it will not be a normal vacation, I am preparing clothes and some things to donate. It is an expensive trip that thanks to Hive I will have the luxury to experience and live.

I feel very excited to get to know another culture in my own country, they do not speak Spanish but native languages.

Thank you, for all your work friend, a big hug 🥰🤗

Hello @traciyork. @lizelle's post brought me here. I think I'll take this challenge. First time I'll engage in sth like this .Those prompts look very motivating to me . Great initiative. I just missed yesterday's post. Do I still have chance to write it or should I begin with today's prompt? Thanks

SUFFERIN SUCCATASH!!!I wish I would have taken the time to read this yesterday. Well Ill miss a day but I think I will give a concerted effort in doing this here bobjpmbo thingie.

This is such a great initiative @traciyork. I only learn of this challenge yesterday. I have been challenging myself to write a post daily since 2 weeks ago. Since 1 April, I had already posted 8 articles. I hope that I am not too late to join this challenge.

Woohoo! Pour on some of that awesome #HiveBloPoMo goodness!

Just wow! I like most of your prompts, but I'm not so sure i can meet up with all 30 days.

Well, I'll never know if I don't try, so, I'm in!

Is it too late to join the party?

Not too late at all, @baninan! It's essentially a personal challenge, so you could either do extra posts to hit 30 by the end of the month, or you could set a goal of a new post every day for the rest of the month. Either way, best of luck! 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 99 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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