Priceless heritage of Ukraine - Uzhgorod Castle... Memories of life before the war.

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In my life before the war, I traveled in Ukraine... My dream was to see many historical places, of which there are many in my native land. Today is #saturdaymemories. I remember with pleasure the times when we felt in our native Ukraine, like in a cozy sheltered house!
I hope God will preserve these beautiful monuments of the history of Ukraine for future generations. Peace will come again and the descendants of modern heroes who are fighting for the victory of Ukraine will enjoy our beautiful heritage!
Again, I want to return to the year 2018, to the events of my trip to the beautiful city of Uzhhorod - the Pearl of Transcarpathia. We went there in March for my birthday. I wrote earlier about a visit to the Uzhhorod castle. And today I want to go inside this castle with you, where there is a local history museum.


The Uzhhorod castle proudly rises above the historical center of the city. According to the traditions and logic of the construction of military fortifications, it is located on the castle hill and surrounded by a moat. Once formidable, today the fortress is used as a local history museum, which exhibits archaeological exhibits and collects complete information about the geography, animal and plant life of the Transcarpathian region. But the biggest attraction of the museum is the fortress building itself.



At first, we walked around the castle, enjoying the amazing feeling of the presence of ancient events. It was early spring. The ground and ancient walls of the fortress were lightly covered with snow. Wonderful views of the city of Uzhhorod opened here. In the middle of the lawn was a statue of an eagle.
a mighty bronze bird: the turul eagle. That is the symbol of Hungary. It is believed that the eagle-turul brought a saber to the leader of the Hungarian army - Ferenc Rakocza
which ensured the victory of the Hungarians in the battle. In the local history museum, the sculpture of a formidable bird does without the traditional sword in its claws.



Another decoration of the castle is a bronze copy of the statue of the ancient Greek sculptor Lysippus, which depicts the god Hermes. The ancient sculpture has lost its hands and now needs a masterful restoration, but it still makes an impression.




The northern wall of the palace is built over a cliff, so there is no protective wall in this part of the castle. In addition, the river flowed from below and it was impossible to attack the castle from this side. The northern wall was guarded from the bastion.
The palace has a quiet inner courtyard, where there is a well dug into the rock, the water of which was used by the defenders of the castle during long sieges.




In 1691, the last male member of the Druget family died, and the influential Hungarian tycoon Miklós Berčeni, whose wife was the late Khrystyna Druget, became the new najupan of the Ung county and the owner of the Uzhgorod castle. At that time, Bercheny was only 22 years old and had 3 children in his arms.



In 1695, Miklós Berčeni married the 40-year-old, but extremely beautiful and wealthy daughter of the state judge Istvan Chaki Christina. The couple chose the Uzhgorod castle as their place of residence, which the count repaired before the bride's arrival.
In 1709-1710, Bercheny, with the help of French military engineers and Croatian specialist Stubic, carried out the last reconstructions of the castle, which gave it a modern look.




Inside the castle, we immersed ourselves in the atmosphere of ancient design and goods. Things that demonstrate the lifestyle of that time are stored here.
Darinka sat down on the old table. She is interested in imagining how people lived in the distant past!?




Parquet laid in an ancient style, a bench with forged handrails, money of that time, paintings of ship trade, a bag of coffee... We take a long look at all these objects that created the lives of people of past centuries.
There is an inscription - trade in colonial goods: beer, wine, roasted coffee, butter.








I wondered who this merchant was. He started his business at the age of 21.
Tsyril Fundanych jealously kept all things related to his shop. In 1987, Klara Fundanich, his second wife, brought them to the museum, adding interesting exhibits to its collection, thanks to which we can now at least roughly imagine what Fundanich's shop looked like inside. Currently, a part of the 37 items sold by Clara to the local history museum is on display in the history department's exhibition "Coffee on the Mill of Centuries", which opened this spring. There, in particular, you can see a cash register from Fundanich's store, beautiful scales, measuring vessels for loose goods, glass bottles for rum and other drinks, and much more.



Saturday... Memories ... There are different opinions about whether we need them. Some people believe that it is not necessary to immerse oneself in memories, but to live only in the present, to look only to the future. Others are stuck in the past, living with memories and only memories. I always choose the middle ground. We have different periods in our life. And then memories are need , as well as active actions. Sometimes memories heal our tired souls when we don't want to do anything. But, in my opinion, the main task of memories is to inspire us to new achievements, to awaken nice nostalgia for travel, to give energy for work, to draw useful conclusions that sometimes come after many years ... You can add to this list in your head :)
The idea to create #saturdaymemories came to me about a year ago, when my phone refused to work, shouted, blunted and asked for help to clear his memory! But you know how it happens, we delete a few photos and then calm down. And then it only worked as a tag. But I noticed that some people liked the idea, and they started to support it. Usually these are people like me, who have traveled a lot, led an active lifestyle and have a habit of taking pictures ))) And then I decided to create a community Saturday Memories to make it a useful habit: every Friday you can clean your Google archive photos to remember interesting events that you may not have had time to tell, or because of lack of time wrote very little! A lot of photos left that you did not show here and now there is an opportunity. The main thing: write interesting memories not only to you, but also to the pleasure of your readers!


You can also share cherished past life moments in the #SaturdayMemories community.

Thank you for your support❤️


Оце так спогоди!!! Не гріх і поділитися ними!))) А у мене досить мало цікавого, та й смартфон з фотоапаратом з'явилися тоді, коли я вже майже нікуди не їздила!((( Дякую, Оленько, за чудові світлини та розповідь!!!

Дякую, Валентинко. Я справді маю дуже багато красивих спогадів. Саме тому я і створила #saturdaymemories

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Really sweet memories that counterweight today's insanity.
I believe 2023 will be the year of rebirth for Ukraine. You all have my best wishes. Peace happiness and prosperity to you all!

Thank you, Orestis, for your good wishes. I also believe in the victory of Ukraine! I value our friendship with you!

Our kids are good models 😊 Merry Christmas Olga

Thank you for nice words :)
I wish you a happy new year too!

Wishing you a marry Christmas to you and your family. I love to visit this type of historical places. First time i will see Ukraine currency its looks beautiful. This Marchant is very hard working. You can amazing knowledge of castle with us. You and little angel looks so preety. One day i will visit this castle with my family. Overall your photography is awesome but fifth picture of your photography is my favorite. Thanks for sharing about the historical knowledge of castle with us.

Thanks for the good feedback. Visiting ancient castles fills you with knowledge about history. This is important for understanding the value of life! I hope that peace will come to Ukraine and you will be able to visit our beautiful country.

People all over the world want the war between Russia and Ukraine to end and people there to live their lives in peace.

Thanks for the good feedback. Visiting ancient castles fills you with knowledge about history. This is important for understanding the value of life! I hope that peace will come to Ukraine and you will be able to visit our beautiful country.

I think castles have unique past in the history. I didn't know that Magyars intervened the history of Ukraine. Thanks for sharing your memories and the castle with us.

In my native city of Lviv and throughout Western Ukraine, in Transcarpathia, Hungarian culture had a huge influence. Emperor Franz Joseph was a wise and great ruler. There are still old houses built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Let there be real peace in your land to dispel this great tragedy.

Thank you for your words of support!

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Ukrain has always been on our minds. We join them in prayers as innocent citizens suffer wars @olga.maslievich

However, your post creates already a fresh memories about what she suffers. But then, we shouldn't forget that war isn't a solution to peace.

And so, we embrace peace and allow God's spirit prevail in everything and in every actions of our lives.

Weldon for bringing this here