Champions League Semifinal Results and Season 6 Pre-qualifiers Day 1

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Hello @actifit ' ters,

The highlight of today's update is of course the Semifinals of Champions League. @browery and @merthin have come victorious from tight duels, with very high scores and will face off each other in the Final (on Wednesday, Jan 26). @browery thus have broken his semifinal spell - he had been that high 3 times already, but never made it into the Final. For @merthin, it's going to be the second Final. He won the initial Season back in the summer of 2021.

The results mean that both finalists and @masoom have secured a slot in Season 6 Champions League without qualifications - either as the Defending Champion or one of the 3 highest ranked players, who get automatic admission.

@ptaku and @bucipuci can also get the automatic admission, however some conditions must be satisfied:

Top of the MAcFiT Ranking Table

In the meantime, there's remote battle for the next Season - pre-qualifiers have started this past Friday and we have a full set of scores from that day.

Latest Matches - Saturday, Jan 22

Champions League Semifinals

SF1: @masoom vs @browery 29:27 (28509-26514)
First Leg: 31:41 (31349-40559); Winner: @browery (1 win both, aggregate score 60:68)

SF2: @merthin vs @bucipuci 35:22 (34625-21979)
First Leg: 39:49 (38515-49372); Winner: @merthin (1 win both, aggregate score 74:71)

Currently Playing - Sunday, Jan 23

Consolation Cup Semifinals

SF1: @grecki-bazar-ewy vs @ptaku
First Leg: 31:30 (30755-30072)

SF2: @manuvert vs @practicaleric
First Leg: 34:28 (34035-27786)

Next on Schedule - Season 5 Finals

Champions League

Wednesday, Jan 26

Consolation Cup

Thursday, Jan 27

Season 6 pre-qualifiers

Important for the listed below - Sunday is your second day of pre-qualifiers. They last 4 days and your 3 best results will be selected (applying bonuses for @poliac and #poprzeczka players, as mentioned when the pre-qualifiers were announced).

Here are the results of the first day (Friday) and current table which takes into account the said bonus. Players in green would qualify to Round 1 of Champions League qaulifiers, while those in yellow will compete in Round 1 of Consolation Cup qualifiers. Some players have had a very good start, some are in a strong middle group and for some... there's room for improvement.


@dirkzett has already got a Wild Card, as the top League One player as of round 15 of @poliac League, edition 6. He will start qualifications from Round 2.

Friday-Monday, Jan 21-24



Details in this announcement.


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