Rewarding Content Creators in a 1$+ Hive era

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If there's one thing I've learned from the recent Steem pumps over the years, it's that money attracts scammers/spammers/bad actors like a magnet.

So, with Hive currently being at ~70 cents and the internal pricefeed slowly catching up (at the time of writing we're at 38 cents), we should prepare & expect people coming to Hive, trying to do no good & trying to milk the system.

Luckily, we've got something, which is called: Downvotes & Free Downvotes.

Now, before you go out and downvote everything that moves, keep in mind , that we should also expect people coming to Hive who have no idea how this works, what rewards are and why downvotes even exists?

So what do I mean with that? Well..

Be vigilant to bad actors, merciful to new users & educating to all users

I don't think we're able to catch all the bad actors, but making sure the trending pages & hot pages are filled with good & honest content (pref. not always the same old faces) is something we should strive for.

The reason I named it "honest" content and not "quality" content is because the quality is subjective. Sometimes, a good meme is worth more/more fitting than a 3 pages long post.

With this said: I'm also interested in what YOU think that we should be doing or how we can make sure that content is rewarded fairly.

For example: in order to reduce the "same old faces" on the trending page, I've reduced the voting weight of my auto-votes/curation-trails.

So, what would you do/are you doing?




I always had the feeling as an artist that my contribution is not so valuable as the ones of programmers... today I see it totally different. Art brings awareness and colleagues like Josie Bellini or Trevor Jones helped here a lot. My goal is to brong it to the masses through cryptoart... I am proud to be a part and will gove my best to contribute with high quality content. The cool thong about blockchain and all thos is, that ppl from so many different sectors come together and be creative. Just love this! ❤️😊 Have a good one!

I just wanna say that read all this comments from this people, make me so happy to be on hive (:, I am a new user and each day I am learning how hive works, you guys sounds like cool people (:

I would advise to not always look the the trending pages, but scroll around new posts from time to time. Generally, once an author is already in the trending pages, do you really think he/she needs still a curation by you? Quite the opposite.
Why not for a certain time, e.g. one week, only curate e.g. accounts less than 60 reputation? That would be a change!

I hope to have all my virtual and real friends back here, i missed reading and seeing them. Not all comebacks will be threatening to the community, but for those that might be, i agree with your initiative. My vote isn't worth much, but this feels like a better community than before, so I'll do my bit to help keep it clean.

Clearly, everyone is delighted with the explosion in prices. But right now it is all the more important to promote new and small accounts. Now the whales can show that they have a long term interest in convincing new people and consistently promote good contributions and ignore the bad ones. Some people would be well advised to think outside the box. Only if we grow will we win in the long run.

In any case the price increase is a great feeling 🤗😍

I think you should stop worrying about everything , and enjoy it while it lasts.

Downvote abusers to zero, reward those that deserve to be rewarded and celebrate the fact that we just saw the light at the end of the 2.5 year long tunnel...instead of worrying about how to normalize rewards.

Some posts will go to 50$ others to 100$ and some others to 500$. It is inevitable with the price action.

Nothing has changed compared to 5 days ago. Only the price. Your 10% vote used to worth what? 1$? well now it is worth 3$ - 4$. Does that mean that you should reward those you used to support with lower % ?

Again, some people will try to take advantage os the situation and milk the shit out of the pool. That's where our focus should be right now.

Have a good one mate

I must say that I am really excited about the price pump of Hive. I can only hope it goes higher.

Also, the values of Hive must be upheld. Users should endeavour to post only original and quality contents.

"Upheld" is the keyword

$1 era, should we hope?! It does feel good though... after 2 years of working.. Im quite high today!

I couldn't believe it when I saw that it had reached 95c a little while ago. This is insane! I must admit, the past has tempered my enthusiasm a bit but this sure is nice to see.

Yeah, where's the top. It dropped off a little but is creeping up again.

You make a good point here. Thanks for putting this out here!

With this said: I'm also interested in what YOU think that we should be doing or how we can make sure that content is rewarded fairly.

I'll think about this and might get back to you later with an answer.

Have a great day!

I think auto-voting should be 1 order of magnitude less than manual voting. At least and to begin with, enforced by the code.

Auto-voting can be very beneficial indeed... but because abusers just don't care... it makes the platform really painful to explore.

In a more advanced scheme, voting reward curve should be dependent on an score based evaluation, independent of rewards. This scoring average should impact both sides... user giving the score and user receiving the score.

Then over time these "scorings" will shape and show who is "bad" or "good" in giving good scores. That associated with the rewards pool, automatically can reward the post according to the power of the user.

Using this method, the user does not need to understand by default how much money he/she wishes to give from his power. It should be allowed to be tweaked if wanted (per cap basis) but eventually per general population of the blockchain, this would probably solve the "problematic" about big whales and "automatic" non necessary human, curation.

If we avoid the circle vote system that was in place in Steem we will achieve great success long term, if not, we fail @therealwolf. I think the habit of circle voting has surely been a bit gone after 50/50 split

I feel that bad content should not get a downvote. It should not get an upvote either though...
On the other hand, spammers and abusers should be voted down to their underwear...

indeed! let's learn from the past and try to implement the changes as good as possible

I am also excited by the price pump but I don't think it's going to stay on that level. What goes up really fast, usually comes down fast. Kind of classic.

Trevon James currently busy with HEX. Thank God.

not that my vote will make anyone trend :D but i try to check communities that i am in, and vote for people that i don't follow at the moment. It has always been hard to find new users and maybe spread of communities will make it a bit easier (now new users just need to learn about communities :D )

I always curate manually, so will always pick the right ones.

wow, a pleasant shock to the system !! 😁 😂 😄

It is very important to educate and teach new users.
Hive is not FB and users have to understand the reward system. I downvoted the post 4 times posted in different communities today. Maybe it was only misunderstood and the user didn't know how to use cross posting.
The auto-votes may bring the bigger curation rewards, but manual curating and interaction with the author in comments is the best way ;)

Could you tell me more about the reward system, I am new user In hive

I like your idea of honest content. New users should be welcomed and supported (being educated at the same time) because that's how they'll stay.
But the scam artists? We'll deal with them. Our community is strong 💪


For example: in order to reduce the "same old faces" on the trending page, I've reduced the voting weight of my auto-votes/curation-trails.

That's a good move, me thinks, on your end. With the various curation projects and communities in top gear, I believe that more good contents will fight to the trending page. Over time, we might need to work more on the content discovery mechanism. But in the interim, we are fine. Hive is Alive. Cheer!

I like your approach and using "honest posts" over "quality posts". There has been too much judgment on what a "good post" is supposed to be like. I understand condemning plagiarism and system abuse, but downvoting based on criteria like how many words are used in the post is another way of system abuse and not salvation. But you're right, having same accounts on trending pages regardless what their posts are about due to the autovoting is unfair to the new people. How could we change that?

Kick these suckers/bad actors in the ass! They are the common problem in peaceful community that has to be unmercily kicked out lol. I've been a victim before of spammers in the other side and it was unforgivable!!!!!
I also wish that the downvoting won't be used to take advantage just because you hate a particular post and or you have conflicts with the creator. Horray to a successful Hive! Let's HIVE it take over facebook😆

Ohhh hello , I'm a newbie over here . I slowly starting to learn how peakd is working. I will try my best to offer honest content ! Cheers :D

I pretty like the motto "Be vigilant to bad actors, merciful to new users & educating to all users" and this would mean an ecosystem that can heal by itself and that will be for those that are sincere with what they are aiming here.

Even if I don't believe in a clean start, HIVE has re-written the book of this blockchain and hopefully it will thrive. What I think it would help (if doesn't already exists) is a book of rules to avoid wrong doings or mistakes. This would be transparent and objective to any claim. Greetings!

You have said everything in summary.

You make a good point here. The post, which is labor, shows itself. But new users like me hardly take advantage of upvotes.

"For example: in order to reduce the "same old faces" on the trending page, I've reduced the voting weight of my auto-votes/curation-trails."

This only works if everyone else does it too, which right now isn't yet the case.

I guess, producing content for hive at that point of my level here and powerup

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I have never been a downvoter, but I am coming to see it as a responsibility for the preservation of the platform and what we stand for. Downvotes should be used thoughtfully and judiciously, when needed.

I agree 100% that we will see more scammers and spammers. I also agree that people can do all the wrong things without intending to and that the first step should be education.

Someone who spams, does not listen to advice or requests to stop, however, should be downvoted. By everyone. A lot. My concern at this moment is that there are spammers who are apparently oblivious and immune to downvotes. Then what?

I am at my wits end with @bible.reader4. I am done explaining and downvoting. If he doesn’t stop, I would like to suggest a community effort to fight fire with fire, and start spamming his spam. I have warned him that this is the next step. And thank you very much for the support on my post.

I agree with all you mentioned here, especially liked the emphasis on honest creators. That honesty and the desire to tell your personal views and stories in the best way you can, using whatever skill, craft or talent one has on the disposal, always leads to quality ... if not spectacular technical quality, there is the individuality and uniqueness ... which I value even more. From my, not very long, experience here and on Steemit before- there is a lot of great stuff to watch and read on the platform. There is an overwhelming quantity of posts each day that I feel deserving of rewards. Even if I had tons of Hivepower, there is sensation that I would feel to short for all I would like to upvote. Regarding the downvote, I didn't use that yet. I didn't see, or didn't recognize till know something clearly parasitic or a case of plagiarism. For the stuff that I find just shallow or overrated, I'm somehow reluctant to use the downvote, if many people like these things, ok :) I can live with that. I will not upvote, regardless of popularity, and that's it. That's how an ordinary day of upvoting on Hive looks for me. One thing I'm trying to do more ... is searching through new posts in randomly chosen communities to discover something that will surprise me and to spread my upvotes in uncharted territories ... but often, with other daily things to do, I just check the post of people who upvoted me - which is not a great habit, but is so temptingly easy and saves time :) ... anyway, I regularly go on expeditions through unknown accounts and posts, at least once or twice in the week ... usually late at night ... with some beer at hand.

LOL. If any one visit this post and read this comment. Let me remind you:
"World is not a fair place, don't look for fairness on anywhere. Milk everything as much as you can do."

The meme pic is so funny hahaha i love it,, just make the real content

I also used to feel that my content was not as valuable as the articles of people who are crypto professionals. But I later realized that my experience as a woman and mother, my thoughts are needed by people here! Thank you for your support.