Molly and a 2021 1 oz Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark Coin


Why Does It Always Come To This?

Why does it always come to my entertainment at the price of tormenting my poor dog Molly? Although I think she rather enjoys it in one way or another. I think she’s actually warming up to the idea of me presenting new and unfamiliar things to her on a consistent basis.
I’m conditioning her to be the silver stacker I know she is! LOL.

So How Did This All Start?

In my last shipment of coins and bullion, I picked up this rather cool 2021 1 oz Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark Coin In brilliant uncirculated condition. For once JM Bullion sent a coin without a milk mark or other imperfection, standing true to the definition of BU condition. Thanks JM! I didn’t have to call you and you have money put back into my account it’s time.

This Armenian 1 ounce 999 pure silver coin is the 10th anniversary release in this Noah’s Ark series. It’s a representation of the Bible story in the book of Genesis. What really draws me to the coin, other than the story behind it, is that bright sun in the background with all of its rays shining over top of the ark and water that is covered the earth. Very cool.


I am not quite as impressed with the other side of the coin. To me it’s just lack luster. I’m willing to let that slide though due to the fact it’s 1 oz pure stackable silver.


Now For The Fun Part ..

Well I guess you could say fun for me and edgy for Molly. Molly was sitting in her favorite spot, one which we call her pillow thrown. It’s called the pillow thrown for a reason and I’m sure you’ll figure that out once you see the photo.


So there you have it, the pillow throne! She has a bunch of pillows buried underneath of those blankets. Heaven for bid we move any of them and she would not be satisfied. She enjoys all of her fluff and softness that is cluttered that corner for years.
Unknowingly she sits and waits. She doesn’t know what’s approaching from above!


Just a few seconds later and I think she knows what’s going on, or if she knows something is going on because daddy is standing over top of her and holding something. But what?


Now she’s ready for the big reveal. I plop the coin in front of her and may or may have not said the word “Cookie”. I know, I know. I’m terrible. But it got her to look at it and try and figure out if it’s edible or not. Boy I really wasn’t thinking what if she did eat this? Then I would be out 1 ounce of silver or it would need a really good cleaning in a couple of days. Ha ha ha. That’s not even right so I’m going to move on now.


It didn’t take long. Didn’t take long before she was up and out of there! The next series of photos occurred in about 1/2 of a second. LOL. A little bit of an exaggeration it that sentence, but it happened very quickly.




She removed herself from the unsatisfying situation at hand and repositioned to a new level of comfort, at arms length this time.


There, she was much happier while I was holding the item. I could see the look in her eyes. Her eyes seem to say “keep that thing away from me and where is that cookie you promised me?”

Molly would never forgive me if I didn’t hold true to my word. So like any good furbaby parent would do, I pulled out a cookie and made everything right once more!


All is well that ends well. At least that’s what they say.

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Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!


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Silver stacker Molly... lol, sounds very pro... ;)

putting a cute doggo in the picture with just about anything makes that thing better. I am guilty of this on a regular basis. I don't even really care about coins but now I feel compelled to. Molly makes everything better!

That is a pretty awesome looking coin. I like the detail in it. I torment our dog too. It drives my wife nuts. Every time she goes to pet her and Jovi runs away my wife says "I blame you". I try not to chase her as much now because it is becoming obvious it is harder for her to get around than it used to be. Probably for both her and I actually.

Poor Molly….. I’m with you those don’t impress me. I had a ten ounce version a while back, but sold that. I still have a few one ounce somewhere at the private security place in a box.

Nice to see Molly 😄

Does Molly know that that Arch saved "all" animals including the dog?

The queen only likes gold, silver gives her nose allergy hahaha.

I think she would have stayed more on the pillows if offered cookies . Real good yummy ones.

Maybe showing Molly a Silver coin with a Pekingese would cheer her up. Or this Version of a Pekingese. How about a Highland White Terrier or would Molly prefer a Yorkie? But personally, I like the Siberian Huskey. There's got to be a coin she would like. Be sure to tell us if you find one.


Be careful, what if Molly wants to have a collection too?
Then you can't find yours! 😂

very cute dog

Love your cute Molly ❤️
🔥🔥🔥 very nice stack! Love the variety!
Great job my dear sweet friend @bdmillergallery, thank you for sharing.
God bless you.

Awww,... Molly is absolutely a cutie!
She doesn't like the coin?
She does!!!!