A Dry Run for the Monster Raffle?

It’s been a long time since I used voice communications on Discord and I’m not an admin on the SGS Discord Server so while I hope that everything is set up properly for the big event on Saturday – I’m not really sure. Today I discovered that I can Create Channels but I can’t Pin Messages to sticky the Prize Draw and Proxy Nomination Processes to the top of the #monster-raffle-text channel that I had created. That’s a pretty minor issue but sometimes you don’t know what you can’t do until you try to do it....


So I’m looking to get online with @welshstacker and anyone else who is interested to have a bit of a Dry Run for the Monster Raffle and make sure it’s all set up right. Nobody wants to see us have a major oopsie in the middle of the big event and it’s also good to make sure that we’re all on the same page so that we aren’t butting heads with conflicting approaches during our showcase event.

As such I am planning to get online exactly 24 Hours Before the Monster Raffle to test my configuration, server settings and iron out any process kinks. That’s Friday September 29th at 21:00 GMT if anyone else wants to jump in. If you need help with the Timezone calculations check out the Time Zone Converter to see what time that will be in your local area.

Maybe you want to test your own microphone setup or confirm some details for yourself. We can do a little bit of Q & A and have an informal catch up too if people are interested. It’s been a while since @summertooth did one of his SilverGoldStacker Chats but they were always fun. Drop in for some shits and giggles as we do the final build up for this epic community event.


Best of luck to everyone that got in! I hope it goes well for you. Smart move doing a dry run before you get to that point. A lot of people overlook doing things like that and it comes back to bite them. Remember failing to plan is like planning to fail! :)

"... failing to plan is like planning to fail"

I was brought up with this exact mantra. It still annoys me to this day, but it's very true :)

I agree it annoys me when people say it. It's like one of those you should have just kept your mouth shut things. Only because it is so cloyingly obvious.

I'll try to get in on the beta test 🤣

Good man! You can be our first crash tester.


Sorry I let y'all down unfortunately got held up at work and could make it in time

No problem. I think we're all sorted.

Where can I find a working link for your discord?

I’ll give it my best to be on.

So fun, looking forward to the Saturday drawing on discord :)

Yay!!! (Did you get the last purchase of tickets I made?)

Probably. I posted an updated list of ticket sales in the discord not long ago.

The list was missing my last purchase, but I don't know if you wrote that before my purchase. Anyway, you will catch it.

Have you checked the list I posted in Discord? You sent 20 HIVE for 5x tickets 1238 to 1242. If that is not it then I don't have it.

The Party warm up!

Make everything louder than everything else 🤘😎

Nice one
Buying a ticket will be good

That is great to hear

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Best of luck everyone.

Looks like I'm not going to be able to make it this afternoon for the event, just had a work issue pop up. Could I send you a list of my choice order should I happen to get lucky?