Prize Draw and Proxy Nomination Processes

The LIVE Draw for the SGS Monster Raffle is only days away so we’re now looking forward and clarifying some of the more detailed aspects of how the big event will run. A few of our members will be online a little bit early to finalize the Raffle Ticket Sales and the Proxy Registrations. We do like to have a bit of an informal chat with participants before the formalities begin so feel free to come early because you might get to catch up with few people from our great community.

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Once the event formally starts however the proceedings will get a little bit stricter. This is primarily to try to keep the event running smoothly without too much distraction or delay. We’d ideally like to have the draw completely concluded within about 1 hour so that people don’t get bored with it and that means we need to keep things moving. It might end up going a bit longer than that but 1 hour is our goal.

After the initial introductions @welshstacker and @buggedout will move to the dedicated “Monster Raffle Voice” channel to conduct the draw. Everyone is welcome to join that channel and listen in but everyone else in that channel will be Muted. There is also a dedicated text channel #monster-raffle-text where the winning ticket numbers and prizes will also be posted so participants can see what’s going on with the draw in real time but they won’t be able to write any text in there. If you want to just chat and be social while the draw is going on you are encouraged to stay in the “Voice Chat” and #voice-chat-text channels. If you are in there then we will let you know if one of your tickets is drawn.

There will be no formal draw order for the prizes. If you get a winning ticket and you are online then you will have 1 minute to make a choice from the remaining unclaimed prizes. If you aren’t online after the 1 minute then we will use the random number generator to randomly select a prize for you from the prizes remaining.

If you know in advance that you can’t be online for the draw then you can Register a Formal Proxy who will be able to choose a prize on your behalf. Just send 1 HIVE to @ssg-community with the Memo “Proxy : hiveusername to formally register your proxy. Please understand that if your proxy is not formally registered at least 1 hour before the draw is due to begin then it will NOT be accepted when the draw is in progress. Any HIVE received from Proxy Registrations will be added to the funds raised for the Monster Raffle.

To be fully prepared we encourage participants to be familiar with the prize list so that choices can be made faster. The final prize list is as follows :-

We look forward to seeing you online for the LIVE Draw!


Is there an invite link to the community on discord that works, the ones I found tell me they are expired.
Have a great Friday all… 👋🏻😊


It worked, thanks a lot @buggedout 😊

People form any part of world may participate?

Yes. You just need to be able to receive international mail.

What is the county origin?
I means the place from where the physical prices will get distributed...
Sorry it way look awkward just couries...

It is totally decentralized and dependent on who has donated the prize as it will be posted from their country of origin.

Ok thanks for the reply..
I am not much involved in the community but love to try my luck...

Registering @silversaver888 as my Proxy!

Best damn gig on the gonkulator!

Good luck stackers 🏴‍☠️🤘🤩🤘🏴‍☠️

Can't wait 😻

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