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RE: 2018 Silver Dragon & Tiger: Silver Dragon Coins Part 2

Absolutely stunning @silversaver888, I can just picture a complete collection of these beautiful coins!!!🤗
Looks like another photo upload glitz on my post tonight LOL...
I lost my first two photos, I am not sure what changed?
I am not sure if you see these, they are missing on PeakD, SteemPeak and Hive.Blog....But they show up correctly on so strange!!!
Have a very good weekend my friend!!!😍😍😀


The 2020 version of this series is not out yet. The Lunar coins from the Perth Mint is usually released a couple of months before early before the start of the new year but noticed that these ones are made available a couple of months before the end of the year.
I wonder too, @silvertop. Sometimes, it flashes for a second and so one gets a tiny glimpse of the photo, then it is gone!
Stay safe and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thats really odd... Every-time they make an upgrade it is some time before everything works correctly Lol....
I am glad you were able to be on Discord today @silversaver888, It's nice to be part of a community!! Enjoy the evening my friend!!!😍😍😀