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RE: 2012 Silver Lunar Year of the Dragon: Silver Dragon Coins Part 8

Hmm....The dragon Silver coins and bars are awesome to stack my friend. I would love to take a photo of at least three of the bars in a beautiful silver stack. the rounds would be awesome stacked up high, say five high!
Have an awesome night my friend!!😍😍😀


Got it! There are times that I bring these coins out from the box, like this occasion when I did the dragon series. And they sure look good stacked up!
Have a wonderful day, my friend @silvertopn, and take care🥰🌺🤙

Yes sometimes it's good to review what we have in our stack, to make sure we're on track to where our goals are! I think this is exactly what you were doing my friend!
Have a wonderful evening @silversaver888, Take care😍😍😀