Introducing Happy Catz community! Frequently Asked Question😽

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Happy Catz will be your virtual cat pet on the blockchain.

First, we will rebrand it from Cat Rescue Project to becoming Happy Catz for simpler and easy recognition. We have run our test livestream on Twitch and Twitter recently and so far we are doing good with God's help and mercy but there are still lot of things that need to develop.


What is Happy Catz?

It is a project out of love for cats. The project's goal is to make cats happy by feeding them using a Robot feeder called Arduino which can be watched on live streaming media platforms, currently Twitch and Twitter.

How we can help on this project?

By sending Hive/HBD/Crypto on @give- you can now feed stray cats wherever you are and can watch the food drop from the Arduino customized feeder. Any excess funds will be used to add amenities for the cats and for the development. Any amount of donation will be accepted and expenses will be documented in my future post and give you a credit for your good work.

Is feeding the only option to interact with the cats?

In the meantime, the goal is to feed the stray cats however I am thinking to explore some other things like giving special food treats, playing, spraying bubbles, etc, etc.

Can I feed them now?

Yes, you can feed the cats now although we are aware for some of the lapses in the code that need to be furnished as time goes by but you can test it out.

Will you accept other Crypto to feed them?

Yes, the blockchain will be based on top of Hive while the plan is we will be using the Crypto conversion method going to Hive/HBD so we can accept other Cryptocurrencies.

Where can I watch it?

Currently available on Twitch and Twitter.

Do you have a Discord community?

Yes, we have made our Discord channel so we can hear your suggestions. I still consider myself a student so feel free to teach new knowledge 😇

Final note

I consider Happy Catz as a Hive community-driven project so feel free to copy if you want to make similar for your location. Our Discord is open so we can share our knowledge on how we can make it together.

We are inviting you to our Hive community


Aha, I just saw the new gif that pops up when you feed them, very cute! :) And I like their new water fountain!

Thank you for testing it, I am still thinking of more possible ways to make the cats happy. We want to invite you if we can do some brainstorming on Discord. 😀

I just joined there! :)

Very interesting...will follow what you do... right now, no cats feed in the live stream, will watch another time!!

Bless you for the good work your doing, I love the idea!!

Thank you for checking out, hope to see you on our Discord group because of your suggestion matters a lot for me

oh hi hirooo, i have some pets too, not specifically a cat but I guess possesed some cuteness too, perhaps you can check mine too. You seems like a sweet guy

Thank you for being here, if given a chance I would like to explore this to different animals like chickens, fish, and ducks. In the meantime we are doing it on stray cats because I love cats :)

Oh you a cat person, I hope you I can show you for the next day a rare cat that I've found.

Nice idea! And super original, glad to see you always on the move for the good cause my friend!

It is slight original because I saw this before feeding the chicken using Bitcoin Cash, but well I agree it is original on Hive as far as I know :))


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