Meet Moose

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I went out and did a beak-count this morning to make sure all my buddies were accounted for after last night's reminder that nature does what she wants. I brought the camera. The light was good, plus I figured it was time to introduce Moose.

Meet Moose!

He's the youngest crow I know.


Moose was a late baby, hatched sometime in June 2022 and fledged from the nest some time in July. He was about as late as they come. Still, he's at least five months old. In Crow Land that's well beyond too old to be begging for food from his parents.

He doesn't let that stop him, though.


When Moose begs his parents they scold him with voices so harsh it makes me look twice to see if there's some snakey cat lurking in the bushes. And would you believe it, the kid's dad actually caved today. Fed him like a little baby.

But look at this baby.


I'd feed him, too, if he was my baby.



Oh, Moose.

Don't ask me how I came up with the name. It just happened. Yesterday afternoon I was gazing into his baby face as he gazed back at me with his big wondrous baby eyes and next thing I knew I blurted out the name Moose and that was it. He was named.

Pretty sure he already knew the name and he was sending me psychic messages. Crows do this, you know. Send psychic messages. These messages are part of the psychic mind control techniques they use to bend humans to their will, making them do things like spend half their hard-earned money on expensive kibble and roasted peanuts and prepare fine meals like scrambled eggs with oats and honey that is raw, local, and organic.

Congratulations, Moose! You have mastered Lesson One of How To Manipulate Your Human.


Lesson One was "Make Her Name You So That You Become Eternally Endeared."

Lesson Two is "Come Up With Cool Ways To Get Fed So That She Always Wants To Feed You First." (Your older brother Hopper can help you with that one.)


I spent so much time hanging out with Moose and the other crows today that my dog started whining. Pilot's a really patient kid, so you can only imagine how bored he was. I owe him an ice cream.

But I mean, really, have you ever loved anyone so much that it makes you ache? That delicious ache, like soreness after a good-day's hike? The kind of longing that lights a fire under your ass and makes you do shit you wouldn't normally do? Have you ever loved anyone so much it makes you stop giving a shit what other people think even though you're pretty sure they think you're crazy, playing catch with crows on a Monday afternoon when it's four degrees above freezing and it was just hailing five minutes ago?

Sure you have. Unless you're a heartless withered soul who's been sitting around waiting to die from the moment you were born. But if that was the case you wouldn't be here, looking at pictures of Moose, and saying shit like

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a cute fucking baby.



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Bird lovers aren't common in my part of the world and yet, I still love them so much. I raise a few chickens and I see birds coming down to share their meals

Sometimes they roll together and there are times when I just what them to let hell loose. Moose looks great and it is definitely in the care of someone who would shower him with so much love.

How I wish I could grow some feathers, fly to your end, and get pampered as well. And I might as well not be able to manipulate you as the birds would do.

I'm glad to hear that you persist as a bird-lover in spite of being the minority where you are. Still, persistence and consistency may lead others to the light!

Birds to me seem somehow separate from other animals with their intelligence and their flight. In some ways I can't understand how more people are not amazed by them. And in other ways I can see how some people are terrified of them.

If you grew feathers and flew over here, you may not be able to manipulate me, but I would certainly be impressed!! 😆

Here is in some parts of Africa, people have a different perspective about crows. Superstitious beliefs about birds and when you talk, it's like I am been brainwashed with what I have read.

Impressing you is enough, I do be asking for too much if I insisted on manipulating you. Impressing you should earn me good meals and love 🤭

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Moose is a stunning little guy. Of course he's going to push the begging envelope as far as he can, I mean, wouldn't you? Cute that it was the dad that caved and not mom.

Poor pilot, I hope he got to have some fun too, but I totally understand why you were there and enjoying taking the photos and just watching them go about life. They are such awesome birds.

Love the way you write. I totally did the awwwww what a cute fucking baby. He definitely is.

I totally did the awwwww what a cute fucking baby.

Yesssssss, his mind-control methods are working on you from across the globe!

Dad lost most of his vision in one eye not long after Moose fledged the nest. Not sure how. I wonder if it's made him a bit of a sentimental softy...

Thanks for reading my words!

Please send a group over here; I have a nice piece of recently plowed land with a variety of crow snacks.
Moose, this can be a brand new Santa legend twist. No more reindeer's, crows are taking over the slides!

Yeah!! I would totally ride a sleigh with a team of crows! Move over, James and your wimpy little peach. Get outta here, St. Nick.

You don't have crows where you live??!! How can that be???

Aawwww he is indeed soooo cute hahaha great name you gave him.
Beautiful captures @corvidae 😎 I would feed him.
Have an awesome week 👋🏻☀️