Awesome to see more new apps. How was your experience with integration, documentation were sufficient or where it could be improved?

gentleman! it has been more than 24 hr but my post has not been boosted neither i got refund! i want my post to be boosted

From image you can see that you got refund yesterday, maybe just didn't see it!

I ran into a small issue that another user raised in the Github issues about not including the comment option parameters when using the posting functions, leading to the wrong number of arguments.

I used the old steemconnect before, and there is one less parameter there, plus all re-ordered, so it just took a sec to re-read the docs to make sure I had all the options. I can't remember if the docs forgot to mention that parameter at one point or not, but I know one place they were right.

I just put an {} in place and it worked just fine. Maybe good to put in the docs to put {} if you have no comment options, as its the last parameter it's slightly easier to miss ha ha

Anyway, thank you and cheers on the work