Hivesigner UI: 1-click login

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Bzz! Bringing you more Hivesigner user interface updates, simple and easy account management.


In this v0.2.3 release, we have simplified login system even more, now it is possible to Login with 1 simple click, literally.

Also changed some terminalogy to commonly used words and phrases so average internet users could understand and follow interface easily.

What's new

  • Better account management
  • Removal of chrome extension and its functions/files
  • Consistent wording across screens
  • Fix authorize redirection
  • Importing account and Selecting account easily
  • Added Signup button points to
  • Added cancel_transfer_from_savings operation
  • Cleaner Encrypting keys page

These new changes not only improve your experience but also allows us to add more security layers such as 2FA, hardware wallet encryption into Hivesigner. Exciting times ahead!

Long waited Signing page will be our next big target for UI. You could login and sign transactions easily by finding any chain operation on Hivesigner website and auto fill, sign, broadcast.

Hivesigner API

Hey awesome devs, one particular improvement we made on Hivesigner API to help some uses cases like and I think, this could be useful for many apps too.

/api/me function now returns extra user_metadata field (object) as well which contains json_metadata of user account (Display name, Location, Website, etc. if defined by user).

User metadata is parsed from posting_json_metadata with fallback to deprecated json_metadata and returned as object, which can be easily accessed and used without extra JSON.parse operation in your apps.

Condenser Hivesigner integration

Thanks to @voltair, we have bounty contribution to implement Hivesigner integration into and We are waiting few more reviews and more tests before asking everyone to test it out.
If you are developer and familiar with reactjs, please feel free to join and help reviewing merge requests. The more eyes we have on this the better!

Hive on!

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Fantastic! Great to know that many good people are working on projects that will help the #hive platform. This will be beneficial for everyone. Thanks @good-karma. :)

lots of improvement!

Thanks for the numerous development for the chain and the community. 👏🏽♥️

Really cool how we can find a chain operation, fill it out and sign instead of having to figure out where we need to click to get the operation to process! That's pretty awesome, I think!

Yes, we will add Signing page in next iteration. Thanks for comment!

at /api/me, I get

error   "invalid_grant"
error_description   "The token has invalid role"

I tried looking into source code, but how do I use req.role? Should I send token in url query?

Try js sdk. uses that endpoint, you will have to setAccessToken before calling Read here:

thanks for upgrading and for keep us updated

Appreciate the hard work and updates. Hivesigner does make life easier for many hive users, more then glad it's getting easier and verbage is changing. Especially being clear on what keys are being asked for etc..

Thanks, simplifying flow was starting goal, now that we have that. Next steps, adding more features that helps with day to day actions.

Testing commenting with hivesigner login on!

Thanks for the work on Hivesigner! I just had a question about this new 1-click login... is it possible to remove the account from the hivesigner interface?

Of course - gives list of accounts that you can delete - shows list of authorizations that you can revoke

Thanks! I found it in the also in the sign-in page as well in the grayed out bits.

NVM! I found it... in the grayed out links underneath!

Hola @good-karma… He elegido tu post para mi iniciativa diaria de reblogear. Este es mi aporte para Hive…
Sigamos trabajando y aportando ideas para crecer en Hive!...
Hello @good-karma... I have chosen your post for my daily reblogging initiative. This is my contribution to Hive...
Let's keep working and giving ideas to grow in Hive

Glad to hear! We just integrated our app last night! Glad to see the improvements.

Awesome to see more new apps. How was your experience with integration, documentation were sufficient or where it could be improved?

I ran into a small issue that another user raised in the Github issues about not including the comment option parameters when using the posting functions, leading to the wrong number of arguments.

I used the old steemconnect before, and there is one less parameter there, plus all re-ordered, so it just took a sec to re-read the docs to make sure I had all the options. I can't remember if the docs forgot to mention that parameter at one point or not, but I know one place they were right.

I just put an {} in place and it worked just fine. Maybe good to put in the docs to put {} if you have no comment options, as its the last parameter it's slightly easier to miss ha ha

Anyway, thank you and cheers on the work

gentleman! it has been more than 24 hr but my post has not been boosted neither i got refund! i want my post to be boosted

From image you can see that you got refund yesterday, maybe just didn't see it!

User metadata is parsed from posting_json_metadata with fallback to deprecated json_metadata and returned as object, which can be easily accessed and used without extra JSON.parse operation in your apps.

Thanks for that.
Hivesigner makes it possible to run OpenHive.Chat with integrated Hive authentication, and now it uses display name from Hive user profile without any changes to the code of this third-party app.

This sounds like a good move in the right direction. I have been rather disappointed lately in the performance of HiveSigner. It seems to operate exactly the same way regardless of whether one has the 'desktop app,' the 'browser extension,' or neither one. The same screens appear, always asking for the same keys in the same order, so there is no benefit to having the desktop-app or the browser-extension.

I have often received an error lately that the service is not available and that I should try again later, which never happened on that ~cough~ "other" blockchain where the dApp originated.

I have also never figured out whether the "Keep Account on This Computer?" checkbox is offering to store my account on my computer so I don't have to enter it again later ~or~ whether it is offering to encrypt the transaction prior to transmission. I've tried it with the check-box marked and without it marked, and things seem to function exactly the same way, regardless. 😕

So, fixing account management, redirects, and wording is welcome! Thanks! 🙌

Yeah, give it a try again. Last few months, there has been quite a lot of changes and we are moving slowly in a direction where user experience could be way better and simple.

When I am using Hivesigner, its asking for an extra Hivesigner password, what is that ? Where can I find more details ? Can I log in to Hivesigner directly and see what all is happening with my account ? Please guide and provide links to any post, if its there.

You can read my latest posts about it. Hivesigner password is essentially extra password you can set to encrypt your keys even more. If you uncheck Encrypt your keys checkbox, then you won't be asked Hivesigner password

Post link please. Can we directly go to Hivesigner and change these settings ? Suppose I want to change the password, how would we do that ?

Hivesigner password? It is not possible to change, you can go and remove your account and readd with new Hivesigner password or readd without password for 1-click login. Announcement post

Thank you for the reply. I went through the Announcement post, and tried to revoke an app using Hivesigner, and when I give my custom password, it asks me to import my account using the active key, which I do not want to do.

You need to import your account using your password or active key to do this request. Click "Import account" button to proceed.

So do we have a settings, which would tell me to just ignore the Hivesigner password or ignore the import with active or master key ? Will it not be risky to import account with active or master key ? Some people may just enter their master key as well when asked for active key.

As you as you use Hivesigner password to encrypt your keys, it should be fine, no matter what key you enter because it is local in your machine only, nobody has access for it especially if it is guarded with Hivesigner password. So importing your any key is safe if you encrypt them with your Hivesigner password.

Excellent work as usual!!👏👏👏

I have been trying to use apps like @dapplr and @haveyoubeenhere, therefore I am unable to log in because @hivesigner is returning a message "invalid username or password" I have tried to use private keys from the hive keychain as well as the master password. but none of them is giving me access.
note: when I log in from the computer, everything works well. whether from hivesigner interface or hivesigner chrome extension! please help me solve this issue

Are you sure you are pasting password/keys correctly, sometimes password might have extra white space at the end. Also during login no need to use @ sign on username. Please send screenshot if above doesn't help.