Introducing AnonRamblings - Say whatever you want, anonymously on the Hive blockchain.

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In a world obsessed with political correctness some thoughts are better left anon. What if you had a place to share those thoughts, ideas, or ramblings?

A place you could start a fun, perhaps taboo, conversation without the worry of it being attached to your name?

Or maybe even a confession you want to tell the world but don’t want to worry about your reputation?

AnonRamblings - a place to share your inner thoughts, with the protection of anonymity.

Well, AnonRamblings is there for you.

Tech StackPython & Django
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Base Bootstrap ThemeClean Blog

AnonRamblings is a web application on the top of HIVE network. You can post to the blockchain anonymously by using the app.

It's simple and stupid. It's built in one Friday night. Procrastination was hard on that one, I've waited until the last day, 'till last night.

Just go to the submit page, type in your thoughts, and send!

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 04.44.56.png


  • Your post will not be visible in the blockchain instantly. There is a queue. Generally, it should be visible in a couple of minutes.
  • All posts are stored as comments to the place-holder daily posts. (See AnonRamblings community.)
  • "Standard" Markdown is supported.
  • There is a delisting option for the website. It will be used to remove spam & advertisement. Common sense rules apply.


I wanted a minimum viable product that can be done in a short time, yet demonstrate it's core purpose. If we see the volume and have fun using it, this is the roadmap:

  • Editing support via unique tokens

These tokens will be created and given to the creator after the creation.

  • Interactivity

Users can be able to see the comments of a "rambling", can vote them up/down, comment on them, etc. Keychain or Hivesigner would be the authentication tool.


The original idea belongs to @xxxxxxxxxx. I was looking for ideas to implement and he was there to save the day. Special thanks to @justineh for the help in the preparation process. The logo is designed by @ruen.

Also thanks to all the sponsors and @themarkymark for the event.


like :)



Let's see how this will work out. :) I'm also one of the curious parties.

Sorry but I hate this idea. Always hated anonymous contents, unless it’s something that you could go to jail for...

No need to be sorry, the way I see this is a fun experiment.

I respectfully disagree. While I generally post under my legal name (including all of my Hive, Medium, and Twitter content), I see no moral nor ethical problems with posting anonymously, especially when speaking truth to power. (For the purposes of this comment, I'm not concerned, nor am I sympathetic to, speech that is intended merely to hurt other people in any way, even though I also believe that there's no such thing as the right to not be offended.)

I used to think otherwise, and believed in the nobility of posting exclusively under my legal identity. But then I realized that with Big Tech (Facebook, Google, etc.), our legal identities, and the data we generate by being online or even just carrying smartphones around, are commodities to be sold to the highest bidder, and offered up to government and industry for endless analysis and exploitation.

Besides jail, there are also civil actions that can arise from expressing oneself, even if there's no legal merit to such actions. Where litigation is concerned, whoever spends the most on lawyers wins.

Even if there are no legal consequences, there is always the threat of reputational ruin or some other form of collateral damage, for merely holding an unfashionable political view.

And so, in this day and age where powerful interests want to control our speech, anonymity can be a form of protection for saying what needs to be said without fear of unjust persecution. Otherwise, our legal identities are often something that can be used against us to keep us under control.

As I said “unless it’s something you can go to jail for”. What I hate about the internet are the vicious attacks anonymous people usually use against other people (famous or regular people), attacks they wouldn’t dare using otherwise...

I think we're somewhat on the same page. I try not to go anywhere near my keyboard if I'm feeling riled up about something or someone--otherwise, I end up posting something I regret, and it never ends up being high-quality content on my part.

Hmm, this seems pretty neat.
Could be useful in the free speech department.
Thanks for the share.

let's see what happens :)

Are you kidding me? Google reCaptcha? I don't want to teach AI for free how to recognize objects. I don't want to have any google scripts on my devices

Recaptcha was the fastest solution for a one-night project. We can change it later. No kidding.

One night? Its better to have some Birt help you with the UI on the final hour because you don't know how to make UI's and he does and he entered so you had to prove that you were better than him and you asked for his help and he somehow accepted and now you are entering a hackathon that you had no plan to do so till the final day.

Is Birt friends with Karen?

Of course.

Lol don't be salty he literally said he would participate when marky announced it. He has plans to participate the whole time.

Haha I’m not. I had no plans to participate but did so last minute so just messing around.

There's hcaptcha that also works fine and isn't affiliated with Google

How does it work exactly? Don't you get to see all the accounts who post (as the webmaster)

You dont login or anything so how should webmaster know?

It's surely a nice experiment, I remember dPoll was originated through one of the Hackathon. Surely this will also become one of the good application.

Thanks mate, gatsby plugin looks sharp!

Cooooool Idea man !

Thanks 👍

So it's like wikileaks but instead of one entity holding the information, it will be put into chain? Brilliant!

well, so far we're nowhere near wikileaks, but it could be. :)

I kinda like this, but the contents may not get any visibility.

What do you mean?

The posts are stored in comments on the chain and there are lots of comment already. What would happen when we have like 1000 posts? I like the simple UI of the site, and how the post are displayed but what if I want my annonymous post to reach some set of people on the chain who are not using at all?

I hear you, main posts is refreshed every day, so the comment count per day should be manageable. If people use it very much and post hundreds/thausonds of stuff every day then I agree with you. Then we can think a solution but I don't want to solve scalability problems of the future. :)

how about posting them to a community as posts

Doable. But there is a five min, one post restriction in main posts - which may create larger queues.

multiple accounts i.e confessions, whistle blower, advice etc. its easy to moderate posts

This is clever and I like it. Well done guys!

How can one leave comments or read comments on something they post?

What about votes & payment?

Kinda confused how this works, but intrigued by the idea

You're anonymous, so there is no payment. All posts created from the website has %25 beneficiary to steem.dao.

Leaving comments/Reading comments is a todo for the future. To comply with the hackathon deadline, this is the bare minimum functionality.

Thanks, for your reply. It’s still a fun idea. People need a place to vent.
I read the post about the blank person & want to give them a hug, really.

Fuck reputation; honest is best.

Cool idea, I like it a lot !

brilliant love this one

Great idea!!!

If a content will be under the comment section that not so many users look into, how can it expose something to public?

Free speech but buried elsewhere...

Cool idea! When I first announced the "Ask the Hive" community I mentioned that one of the main reasons so many on Reddit use askreddit is the ease of creating a throwaway account to write something they wouldn't want connected with their identity or main account so I can see this having some usability for that community in the future. Looking forward to how it further evolves!

@emrebeyler Outstanding! Totally reblogged! 😎

Great piece

Esto se ve realmente bueno, fomentando la libre expresión.

Is this really anonymous? Looks like you guys use Google Capcha?

Yes, I regret I did that, but I literally implemented Recatpcha in 2 minutes. I needed something fast. Will be addressed in the next iterations.

Ok, thank you!

I find it an interesting application @emrebeyler. Surely many would like to comment anonymously on the things that happen every day. I will be testing it, thanks for your contribution it is a great help for the hive community.

Finally something awesome!! Hahah
Simple and fun!
Nice work😁🤙

Big need for this.

we can't reply on posts?

Not yet, but people do replies like re: old title

That's great
Keep it up

NICE! I've seen people play with the idea but there was always the issue of 'keys to an account' involved so true anonimity was never achieved. Curious to see how it will be used :-) Thanks for adding something so niche to the chain, and thanks to '10 kisses' and Justine and Ruen for their work too :-)


Yeah, true anonymity is a thing that hard to get. But still this web app provides one level of anonymity. So far I'm having fun reading the content. :D

I just read through all of 'em, lol! We'll definitely have fun with this one :D

Wow this is awesome. Let's see how it goes. 😀

THIS! We are interested in using this in threespeak some how. Excited for this project going forwards! It might become the most used app on hive pretty quickly!

Great initiative, congratulations! I think if you add geolocation features it can repeat the huge success of anonymous messages apps like Whisper and (Wikipedia: Secret (app)) made years ago. I remember that sharing and knowing secrets and revelations from neighbours and colleagues were surprising and addictive. Now with blockchain and crypto additions it would be unbeatable. Keep safe, thanks and good luck again!

The idea is kind of cool but considering accounts are free and everything that's posted here appears on the blockchain forever, what's stopping someone from creating an Alt to ramble till thy kingdom come?

Cool and rehived :-)

Nice idea

Ah fuck yeah. Now I can call out whales for being hypocritical sociopaths without worrying about them fucking nuking my account..!

Granted it is kind of sad that we need a tool like this to be able to speak what is on our mind without having to be directly targeted by those that would attempt to do damage otherwise.

Great work here.

Well, your style is unique, so I expect I can make a guess if you post there.

If I drew MS-paint stuff it would give me away... XD

You got 1st vote in my opinion of the hackathon though.

Thanks for creating this service.

Awesome!!! This is definitely a great work. The concept is unique, and the work is super clean. As usual, we find this work useful and we will feature this in our Gitplait-elites publication today.

You are an elite.

Is this project still alive?

  • The website is offline.