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RE: Introducing AnonRamblings - Say whatever you want, anonymously on the Hive blockchain.

in HiveDevslast year

Are you kidding me? Google reCaptcha? I don't want to teach AI for free how to recognize objects. I don't want to have any google scripts on my devices


Recaptcha was the fastest solution for a one-night project. We can change it later. No kidding.

One night? Its better to have some Birt help you with the UI on the final hour because you don't know how to make UI's and he does and he entered so you had to prove that you were better than him and you asked for his help and he somehow accepted and now you are entering a hackathon that you had no plan to do so till the final day.

Is Birt friends with Karen?

Of course.

Lol don't be salty he literally said he would participate when marky announced it. He has plans to participate the whole time.

Haha I’m not. I had no plans to participate but did so last minute so just messing around.

There's hcaptcha that also works fine and isn't affiliated with Google