Hive Ledger application has passed the functional review!

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I'm happy to announce that Ledger Team reviewed and preliminary accepted Hive application.

It's been a while since I submitted the app for an official review, but during last months I was in touch with Ledger Team and recently things were pushed forward. Hive application is now available in Ledger Live for both Nano S and X in Developer Mode!

What does it mean?

tl:dr: it's basically production-ready but still needs to pass a security audit (hence the need to enable developers mode). If you're eager enough to test it and know how to use the terminal, you can start using it with hive-ledger-cli, otherwise, just wait until I provide a fully featured wallet.


Hive application is now listed in the App catalog in Ledger Live. But because it's a preliminary listing, you need to enable Developers Mode. To do that, you will need to navigate to Ledger Live settings -> experimental features and activate "Developer mode" in order to see it listed in the Ledger Live manager

From now on, you can use your Nano X or Nano X and install it with a single click. No need to use any other tools!

Hive Ledger CLI

There is no convenient way to use Hive ledger app yet but those who are eager enough can start using ith with CLI (Command Line Interface). I've prepared an excessive description of how to use it with examples and photos.


Other devs can start working on their integrations without the need to sideload the app with python tools. The initial version has some limitations (for example it can handle only a single operation per transaction) but you can sign every operation type.

As I already said in previous posts, I'm working on a fully-featured online wallet that utilizes Ledger hardware and it will be available soon!

Hive Ledger balance view

What next?

  • It still needs to pass the security review, but I'm pretty confident it will be accepted soon
  • Wait for the new wallet and be aware that the official release is just a matter of time!
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now we need to get ledger to make a reall cheap suuuper cheap version for mass production maybe even some sort of thumb drive i dunno for phones ... and then get everyone on phones that have crypto wallets built in

I'm in for the cheaper versions too. Congratulations your comment is abnormally very good without weirdness 🤣🤣🤣

There's a new version (Ledger Nano S Plus) coming but it will be slightly more expensive than regular S.

wow cool project, Hive on a hardware ledger :)

Good job on this one 👍

Thanks mate :)

Great work, I look forward to using this when it becomes ready.

It is ready to use but not convenient yet. But there's a new wallet coming soon which will be easy to use and cool looking (hopefully ;) ).

Ah yes the Uix/GUI is the fun part of the process.

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That's fantastic! I just got a ledger nano x and I'm excited to set it up and use it.

Cool, let me know if you were successful! Hope it work fine for you :) Just remember that replacing all your keys (especially posting) will make your life a bit harder ;) If you want to keep social abilities on your main account, replace only owner key. Or use another account as a cold wallet ;)

This is so nice

Thanks :)

Appreciate 👍 your efforts.

Thanks! Doing my best :)

That's great news

Excellent work @engrave! This is a game changer for Hive.

Hope it will bring some ledger fans here :)

I've explained Hive to people before and their desire to comprehend ended when they heard they had to secure outside of their hardware wallet. I think just having ledger support alone will be game changing for normies seeking to invest themselves and feel confident their stuff is secured.

Thinks are really maturing here!

Excellent work -- this is a BIG step forward!

Awesome work mate. Have you added the ability to add the Ledger private key to your Hive account instead of replacing it yet? Also please remind me of its URL.

Not yet, I was focused on other things (especially a new wallet) but I will try to find some time to make it, should be fast and easy. You can find it here:

Actually, you can just read the public key from your device and add it using any other tool to manage authorities ;)

That's an amazing news, and well done for this huge achievement. I am looking forward for the next steps, and of course fingers are crossed for the security review.


Thanks! Will post next update soon :)

That’s a lovely work done great job

Wow, thank you for all you effort! That's amazing news!

so hardware wallet junkies soon on hive :D

This is great news! Finally, an even more secure way in the works to interact with the Hive DApp's. Thank you for sharing and let's keep building this community into the best social blockchain community there is!

Yeah, I would say - ultimate security :)


PLease also provide a simple explanation always (or a link) for stupid people like me. (What is it - for who - what does it do etc)

This is a way to secure your account. Like... ultimately secure ;) You can replace your authority keys with those from your hardware wallet and use it to sign transactions. It's not going to be a better way to use dApps or any social frontend but it will be a great way to create secure cold wallet.

This is a really good development!.

Terrific work! Would you like to make a proposal where the community can fund you for ongoing development and maintenance of this app?

I will consider it when we get there (official approval). I'm not a fan of taking any funds from DHF up front.

Wow. This will be a game changer to the Hive community. Kudos to you.

You just got my vote on your witness. Sorry, I don't have enough hp at the moment :)

Thanks mate, I really appreciate your vote :)

Stay awesome

That's awesome!

Awesome. Thank You for all of your efforts.!

very good job, congratulations!

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Wow! This is great news and it calls for a celebration.

i like your work very much

Congrats well done ...great work👍

Fantastic work. I wonder if, in the case of airdrops, would it be possible for a snapshot to read the balance or would a bridge be to the Hive blockchain be?

Ledger hardware will only store private keys connected with your accounts so nothing will change in case you configure your account to use it.

I am glad Hive is in the running to get a hard wallet, this will make the whole blockchain more secure and dissuade a lot of concerns some of my acquaintances have had about Hive. Thank you for sharing the update!

Great to know! Thanks for posting the how-to as well 🤝

Yes! The ability to put Hive in cold storage to secure it from any online security risk is ideal. Thanks for working on this project. !LUV

Great job!

Impressive. I look forward to the finished product.

It still needs to pass the security review, but I'm pretty confident it will be accepted soon
Wait for the new wallet and be aware that the official release is just a matter of time!
Support me with your witness vote, just click on the image below and sign the transaction
  1. Wen?


  1. Crossing fingers for that, could you please update? (can't wait to use hive with ledger) Thanks.

  2. Voted!

Ad. 1) Hard to say, working on it with Ledger team ;)
Ad. 2) Soon I will post an update ;)
Ad. 3) Thanks!