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RE: 19th update of 2021 on BlockTrades work on Hive software

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Great job, as always. I'm especially impressed with optimization results on both memory consumption and sync time.

Do you have an idea for your first app built on top of HAF? If not, consider rewriting Wise as it still seems to be quite useful. As far as I remember you were using it to delegate your votes :)


Best to rewrite app would be its original author.
(See well known curse in Polish: "Obyś w cudzym kodzie grzebał!" ;-) )

I'm pretty sure it won't happen :P And by "rewriting" I mean "write a new app on top of HAF with the same idea in mind" ;)

@engrave @gtg

I'm pretty sure it won't happen :P

Well.... you never can be certain for sure what will happen ;) We stopped its development because of lack of funding and also partially lack of time.

Also... in the meantime... I've figure out, that we probably could done better job at trying to contact a target audience - whales.

A lot happened in the meantime, now we are Hive, we have DHF, and ... since the last HF there's a lot of change related to curation. Well, changes small, but their impact is significant. You no longer need to compete with bots or try front running. Human honest curators that are active enough (daily) can just vote whatever they like without losing on curation just because they are late. IMHO, currently it's all about discovery and that's a challenge to improve it.

... and by the way - It's great to see you around! :-)