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RE: Hive Account Recovery GUI

Can you also do a tutorial on how to create an alt account with account creation token, so that I can set my account recovery to an alt account of mine?
I don#t know how to create an alt LOL, even though I have 1000 account creation tokens.


Hi, not exactly a tutorial but I have a post and tool for creating hive accounts I think the tool is kinda self explanatory, but let me know if you have any questions.

This is exactly what I needed thank you!
When I enter my account name as creator account, will it automatically consume a account creation token if I have one? Or do I need to pay 3 HIVE.

If so, you should add the sentence (will consume 1 account creation token if you have one, if not pay 3 HIVE) to make it dummy proof...

It will automatically consume 1 account creation token. If you don't have any it will show error, but won't cost 3 HIVE.