Claim and Create Hive and Steem Accounts

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Hey Hiveans or should I say Bees! 😁

I have updated my Steem account claim and creation tool to support Hive. The UI also updated a bit.

Claim Accounts

  • Type your username, you'll see your RC below the fields.
  • Enter ACTIVE key or leave it blank to use Keychain (recommended)
  • Click on the HIVE or STEEM button
  • If you left ACTIVE KEY field blank, a Keychain pop-up would open. For Active Key claiming will be in the background.
  • Approve the action and you are done. :)

Create Claimed Account

  • Enter your desired username. You'll see availability on both of the chains.
  • Copy and securely save the auto generated password (recommended) or enter your own.
  • Enter your account from which you want to create the new account.
  • Enter the amount of SP/HP if you want to delegate to the new account.
  • Leave ACTIVE KEY blank to use Keychain (recommended) or use private active key of the creator account.
  • Click the HIVE button to create a Hive account or STEEM button to create a Steem account.

You can run it on your computer too. Download the repository, extract, then open the index.html in any modern browser.



Feel free to fork and contribute. Please report any issues in the comments or in the Github Issues.


I could not get your tool to work, just does nothing after inputting the needed fields.

Do you see any errors in the browser console?

I did not get any errors on the website. I'll see if anything shows up if I go into the console.

stil nowhere close the necessary HP :-( but nice to have for when the time comes

You can lease SP/HP 😉


Claimed 3 accounts 😁

Excellent!! 😁

Would be awesome if we could claim multiple accounts at once (loop until RC < x or something like this :) Thank you for your work!

That is a good suggestion. While I implement this, I think has something similar to this.

Wicked cool, @reazuliqbal - thanks for doing this!

I have a n00b question though, if you don't mind. Over the past few months, I claimed just over 20 accounts using Steem World (and oddly enough, they don't show anymore on the Steem side, but do through Hive Blocks). Would I be able to use your page to create a new account, or is there some other process? Much appreciate any info you can pass along. 😌


Hi, your Steem account does have 23 claimed accounts, also your Steem RC is is full, so you can claim another 1 right now.

Yes, using the tool you should be able to create both Steem and Hive accounts. Let me know if you face any problem.

Awesomeness - thanks for the info!

I just tried to create an account, and got the error message, "STEEM and/or HIVE Keychain was not found." I'm guessing it was somehow user error... 😝

Error message  keychain not found.jpg

I think you do not have Steem keychain (for Steem account) or Hive Keychain (for Hive account) installed.

If you want still create account, you need to put your private active key in the Active Key field just above the buttons.

See? I said it was user error... 🤣

(and my second attempt got nixed because I used capital letters in the name - been a while since I created a new account...😆).

Thanks again for the help, and the wicked awesomesauce tool, @reazuliqbal!

HiveBloPoMo account created.jpg


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Tnx for the info

I tried to create an account but when I click the button nothing happens.
i filled out everything but the active key(I have keychain installed and working)

Is my password too long? Any requirements there?

No there is no requirement on the password, as the password is auto generated. Assuming you are clicking Hive Keychain button, can I get a screenshot of the form without the password typed out?

Because I am certain the form works as I have created an account few days back.

The delegation was the problem. Without it, hive keychain pops up.
I wanted to delegate 30 SP/HP. I guess I will do that later on peakd then.

That is a good find. I'll see whats the problem and fix it asap. :)

Maybe it said 30.000 SP, but i clicked on create on HIVE.

I have fixed it just now. So, the delegation should work.

Hi, @reazuliqbal!

I try to claim a ticket to create an account for Hive today, but nothing works. :( It always worked before.

Unable to serialize transaction: operations: claim_account: fee: Invalid asset '0.000 STEEM'

Please check.

Hi @watchlist, thanks for reporting. I have pushed a new update, it may take a little while to show up but its been fixed. :)

Ok, thanks :)

Hey! Looks like there's a problem with the https...

I wasn't willing to continue using your site, since I'd have to enter private key and my browser is telling me there's a problem. Wanted to let you know what I encountered though!

Have a good one!

Remove the www from the URL

Thanks reazuliqbal! Really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me

Hive AccountCreate HiveProjects page

I just followed the link on the HiveProjects page ;)