Hivesearcher - free, integrate it into your Hive apps

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Thrilled to share with you all about new changes we pushed to Hivesearcher. It is now open for every app to integrate and give better content search and discovery for its users.


API endpoint change

We have changed our API endpoint, it is now Old api endpoint will continue to function until we deprecate it later, but we urge you to change or use new endpoint. Try it out and let us know if you find some issues.


Made relevant changes to API documentation: as well as obtaining API key screen. From now on it is completely free to integrate search into your app. Visit above page and get your API key. There is daily 3k requests limit by default and if there is need for increase, just ping us and we will make sure to increase it.

API keys

Existing API keys are updated to non-expiry token, so if you have paid previously for keys, those are updated to freemium automatically.

Cluster improvements

We have made some improvements on servers to get us ready for upcoming ranking, indexing changes. Any new change in ranking algorithm will require couple days and demanding memory/disk sizes, so in coming days we will write about existing ranking algorithms and how we are proposing to improve it.


Our next course of actions will be to check ranking algorithm, remove payout factoring from Popular filter and improve UI of so user can have better, simpler filtering options. Similar to Google search tools which everyone is familiar with. Another thing, we need to check and make sure any new changes on hivemind with upcoming Hardfork doesn't break hive2elastic plugin.

Call for Hive apps

Are you developer of Hive apps? Check Search engine and consider adding it into your app for better, fast content search. Any tribes, mobile app, website frontends, desktop app using hive content could potentially integrate search feature in couple lines of code.

Go to and click on GET YOUR API KEY button, confirm your Hive account with Hivesigner (it doesn't require any authority, we use Hivesigner just to validate username). That's it, make sure your API key backed up and stays private, not published in public repositories.

Support proposal


Will this improve the terrible search function on

Also, what is Esteem?

Esteem is legacy application. It is now Ecency, check and, to learn more.

Thanks for the links! Checking it out.

i dont know all the new changes, and i dont know all the other search apps, but i found HIVESEARCHER to be a lot more useful than the peakd search, since it could sort by date, which helps get rid of old steem posts you may not wanna sift through!

Thank you! We will improve filtering options even more in next update, so results are more polished and ranks are more relevant to search query.

This app is my saviour. Why every search is THAT bad? (except this one)

I am trying to reach out all dapp owners so they can start using this, hopefully in couple weeks we will get more people/devs joining in.

Hope they join! Its working MORE than great. Its the only way to browse in hive...

Maybe it need some filters like if you want to search for a user, post, community, hashtag and date (probably you know that, is not like im inventing something new)

maybe a filter for search before/after the fork (hive/steem) or even to browse content from users instead a global search.

But is such a great work! Glad i found it!

We can expect this.

I believe this would be much better than one we currently have.

I just got the information on the Hivesearcher and I will use my api key. Thanks @good-karma for your dedication for us. Regards from Indonesia.

Thanks for doing great work on the blockchain!!! 🙏🏾

Thanks for sharing and thanks for the work you do

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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This is just awesome, thanks a lot @good-karma .upvoted

Appreciate the support!

Great improvement. Kudos

Hivesearcher is fast (as ecency web) but if you put the two words is (some word+user for example) is not so precise...

That's what we have to improve, you can use word author:user and you will get accurate result. You can even use word author:user type:post to get only posts from specific user with word.

Thank you for the info. I'll try it.

I take orionvk is developer of some app?!

Intriguing! Good to hear this.

Not sure what you meant with this comment but no need to double comment same message though. Is it bug report?

Just a wink an a knock my good man 🙏😎🥓👍


Or how you linked 🖖✌️🎩🎉