HF25 Public Testnet Reloaded (RC2)

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I just started brand new instance of a public Hive testnet based on v1.25.0rc2

Re-initialization was needed due to changes in governance voting rules (rc1 would fork, because different rules impacts witness schedule):

witness.owner == scheduled_witness: Witness produced block at wrong time
    {"block witness":"gtg-rc1-10","scheduled":"gtg-rc1-13","slot_num":1}
    database.cpp:4838 validate_block_header

Unless your account was created very recently, you should be able to participate in the testnet using your own mainnet account and keys (though please be careful, if you leak your key during testnet, your mainnet account will be compromised)

To get some tokens for testing you can use https://hivetestnetfaucet.org/ created by @howo or reach out to witnesses using your favorite communication channels such as https://openhive.chat ;-)

  • Hive testnet chain-id: 18dcf0a285365fc58b71f18b3d3fec954aa0c141c44e4e5cb4cf777b9eab274e
  • Hive seed node: p2p-seed-node = testnet.openhive.network:2001
  • API endpoint (via jussi): https://testnet.openhive.network
  • Hive Testnet Condenser instance: https://testblog.openhive.network
  • Hive Testnet Wallet instance: https://testwallet.openhive.network
  • Binaries: https://gtg.openhive.network/get/testnet/bin/
  • hived direct http server http://testnet.openhive.network:8091
  • hived direct websocket server ws://testnet.openhive.network:8090
  • hivemind server direct server http://testnet.openhive.network:8080

To join testnet with your hived, you need a testnet-enabled version, which you can get from here:
or build yourself (as usual plus -DBUILD_HIVE_TESTNET=ON during cmake step)

See also

CyberBuzz Radio is LIVE: Community Q&A For the Upcoming Hive Blockchain Hardfork:

(@hbdstabilizer as 50% beneficiary)


RC4 is now running based on bw_blockchain_params_mods branch.
It just started - re-initialization is in progress, it might take a while for API node to be up.

Got my testnet witness node up and running after some trial and error, Was a great learning experience, Think I'll have a go at setting up hivemind on testnet to work out any issues before I try set it up on my main witness.

Communities I run: Gridcoin (GRC)(PeakD) / Gridcoin (GRC) (hive.blog)| Fish Keepers (PeakD) / Fish Keepers (hive.blog)
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@tipu curate 🙀


Thank you for testing :-)

watching now

greatly appreciated!

seems that I can't post there, although maybe it's a problem on my end

What's the date on HF25 Mainnet?

If no issues found on testnet, then 30th June.
Please keep in mind that this is the earliest date possible, actual for might be even few weeks later.

Wonderful every time innovating

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Are the web wallets for Hive Hard Fork 25 ready? Will I be able to borrow HBD from Hive?

They should (I've seen peakd was), personally I'm not using web wallet.

I'm checking that out right now. No. At least no option to convert Hive into Dollars.

Most likely because code is not active (because you can't do that before HF25)
As far as I remember, it was (is) available on their testnet instance.

It appears you meant to give these servers CORS to * but forgot to:

No, those are actually meant to be available like this, without any extra headers there

Okay. That's okay. Certain browsers can be made to disable CORS for us devs who are testing our software.

I have for the first time got the latest testnet running on arch linux PC. I would like to ask what next about blocks mining?

You need a block producing node with witness plugin and your private signing key, then you publish your witness properties so the blockchain and all participants knows public signing key. You need votes for your witness. Once you are up and running on a public testnet you can let people to get some votes for testing.

I have set up the cli wallet then claim some test hive tokens(TEST, TBD). I voted my username witness. When I run the testnet I got in the terminal the following.

Is it working as it should?

Yes, looks fine, what's your witness account, out there?

Thank you
Account witness @oadissin

Well, it's not a witness yet, you need to set witness properties for it, like this:
update_witness oadissin "https://testblog.openhive.network/@oadissin" "yourpublicsigningkey" {"account_creation_fee": "3.000 TESTS","maximum_block_size": 65536,"hbd_interest_rate": 300} true
Of course your block production node should have defined witness name and correspoding private signing key.

I tried to open the wallet cli files but I got an underlying transport error. I change the config file setting on ws server address but I got the same results.

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