Helix AMA - Dec 3rd 2020

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@nathansenn answered questions from the community in a live AMA & spoke about the developments of the @hlix Project with @jacuzzi.

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For more information about the Helix Project visit: https://helix-crypto.com/

Here is a summary of the questions and answers given in the AMA:

Q1: Why are there no GitHub commits since September 06, 2020?

A1: The current code of Helix, while there are minor bugs, is operating correctly and securely. Our team has shifted its focus to the new code of the HelixChain technology that is currently private, while we prepare to file a patent for it. After our patent is filed, we will open source our code and prepare for a HelixChain test net.

Q2: Have you registered the patent yet for HelixChain? And if so, when will you be releasing the long-awaited Whitepaper to show off this new tech?

A2: We expect the patent to be filed within 1-2 months. After the patent is filed, we will release the Whitepaper.

Q3: You said before you were registering Helix on websites like “Coincodecap” to show commits. When will we see Helix on this website for investors to see the code's progress?

A3: As stated in the previous question, we are focusing on the private HelixChain code repo next to focusing on more critical tasks. While listing on various websites is on our to-do list, it hasn't been our top priority and can be expected to become a much higher priority when the patent is submitted and the code is open sourced.

Q4: Can you give us any specifics on what is being patented, and why would it be considered unique?

A4: We are filing a patent for a kind of technology that makes it possible to scale a blockchain to handle mass transactions, in a way that has yet to be implemented in other projects.

Q5: Can you give us any kind of anticipated timeline for the patent process?

A5: We will file a provisional patent within the next 2 months. After this is filed, we will begin pushing our code and will have 1 year to file a full patent. The time for a patent to be issued after being filed can vary from 2-3 years.

Q6: Is there a particular use case that Helix coin is eventually intended for?

A6: Helix coin will be the main coin on HelixChain and can be used for staking purposes to secure/decentralize the network and to pay transaction fees for those transacting/storing information on the HelixChain.

Q7: How often can we expect community updates?

A7: We will be doing a community AMA every 1-2 months to share our progress with the community and to answer all your questions about our developments.

Q8: Will the team take care of the constant 0 to low $ volume that is going on across all the exchanges Helix is listed on?

A8: We do not support artificial volume and believe that volume should be a true reflection of the community's true trading volume. We do plan to begin purchasing more Helix coins to add to our team's share over the coming weeks but will not be doing this to artificially create volume.

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Helix starting to roll, great team, looking forward to seeing development as they are rolled out. Well done!