HiveDesktop - a new desktop app for accessing HIVE

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I'm currently working on HiveDesktop, a pyQt5 based desktop application for the HIVE blockchain. The source code can be found on github. HiveDesktop is using beem for accessing the HIVE blockchain.

I worked already several hours on the project and learning how to use pyQT5 properly. I'm using the fbs project for creating the executables and installers.

The project is still in a very early alpha stage.

Installing the app

You can find installers for Linux, OSX and Windows in the release page:


Implemented features

Account Info


Account History


Account feed


Fullscreen video playback


Notification when new feed posts are published and for all account history items



  • Refactoring of the source code
  • Signing of the Windows exe and the installer
  • Option dialog
  • Better design of the GUI
  • Integration of Wallet for broadcasting operation (voting, posting)
  • Editor to write posts
  • Show comments and votes for a post
  • Allow Voting and comment writing
  • Store account history in a database
  • Format the account history entries
  • Work on the HTML-rendering (some inline HTML are not correctly rendered)


You are welcome to contribute by writing issues or creating pull requests.
Comments and feature wishes are also welcome.
You can download the Qt-Designer and imrove the GUI without know how to program. You can find the ui file here:

You can create a new GUI design and attaching it to an issue or create a PR and uploading it.


You need python 3.6 (fbs works only with this version) and all packages from base.txt.

pip install --upgrade -r requirements/base.txt

for Windows you need also

pip install --upgrade -r requirements/windows.txt

You can parse the ui file with

pyuic5 ui\mainwindow.ui -o src\main\python\

and start the app by

fbs run

Before pushing code, please check if the frozen exe also works. First, the exe needs to be created:

fbs freeze --debug

and it can then be started.

If you like what I do, consider casting a vote for me as witness on Hivesigner or on PeakD.



I get the above when trying to run hivedesktop.
I have Python 3.7.3 installed and beem 22.14.
It also complained about hivedesktop.lnk file after install.

How did you install hivedesktop? Did you use the setup.exe from the release site or did you use pip install hivedesktop?

I firstly did the setup.exe from release site, did not work. Uninstalled and tried pip3 install which did not work as well.

I will have to check, it is my couch notebook and I am in the Man Cave watching a Python learning video.

Ahh, Yes it is a 32bit OS, notebook is fairly old.

Hallo Holger.
Es freut mich, dass endlich mal jemand eine Desktop App für diese Blockchain entwickeln möchte.
Konnte die App erst starten, nach dem ich die Pakete




hinzugefügt hatte.
Nun startet das Programm, beendet aber nach dem Versuch einen Eintrag zu machen mit Speicherzugriffsfehler.


Ich nutze Ubuntu 18.04
Kann aber auch an meinen verbastelten System liegen. Ich werde es am Wochenende mal zu Hause am Familien PC testen. - Der ist "sauberer" ;)

Ich habe jetzt pip support hinzugefügt:

pip3 install hivedesktop

installiert das jetzt auch.

Kannst du bitte Version 0.3.1 testen, die deb-Datei sollte jetzt funktionieren:

Danke, jetzt läuft es :)

Crashed for me.

OS Version:            Mac OS X 10.15.3 (19D76)

Termination Signal:    Trace/BPT trap: 5
Termination Reason:    Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0x5
Terminating Process:   exc handler [5548]

I wonder if it's because I have python (or some other static object) managed by homebrew?

I have added now pip support, you can install hivedesktop with

pip3 install hivedesktop

That works. But I don't see how to run it after that. It looks like all that does is add it as a package, unless I'm missing something.

You should now be able to start the app with


in a terminal.

I figured. Must be something wrong with my path then.

Amazing start. If you do improvements over time like steemchiller with his steemworld did (adding tons of features) this could become the real deal!

Thanks, I will now work on storing the complete account history in a sqlite database. This is something that web interfaces as peakd can not provide.

Looks great.

Just today I was requesting for a desktop app to publish content.

Would be wonderful if we can have that!

EDIT: Voted as witness! :)

When I checked them out, QT Designer + PyQt5 were considered the best desktop framework for Python, but they are quite expensive for commercial use, if I remember right. Are they worth it compared to Tkinter?

When not using GPL3, qt5 is really expensive, that is true. Qt5 is really powerful and much more complete than Tkinter.

This is pretty heavy. The first thing that came up to me was that you can now go full screen and never leave steem. Like a vr game or something. Immersive stuff


I've always wanted a desktop application fronted!

I've even done some work on my own, but in Java instead.

I like your form so far. Maybe I'll make a pull request and do some work for you.

I'll probably even switch to using it primarily if you've got a stable release before mine is done.

This has huge potential. I can't wait to see how you eventually integrate it with all the other tools and creations you made on Hive. We can have a Holger's world

Sehr schön gemacht.
Man sieht aber du bist ein backend-developer ;)

Nice job. Have you considered using native python support for Qt? In my experience it works quite well.

I have considered using PySide2, but go for now with pyQt5.

Lokks interesting, will look forward to seeing when developed a bit more

This looks like an awesome project that I want to use. I only have one question so far. Do you plan to consider/implement the ability for you to run a full node of Hive? I think this would be a great feature to help build the reliability and speed of the chain.

Nice work...good to see

Beauty, nice work Holger!

Looking good!

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Exciting developments, cant wait to check out the service when I get the chance.

Looks amazing!
hope to see it as my main way to use hive :)

I shall wait for Mac

Ooo nice to be able to have an app now

This is exciting if we have our own desktop app.

Cool! A standalone app would be so awesome.

I'm genuinely curious: why would one want such an app? It's not (yet) offering any features not available on the web frontends right?

I am interested in seeing all extra value this could bring when something like the account history database is implemented. Then you can use this to do large scale analysis on a lot of Steem data, something practically impossible in a browser.

Keep up the good work!

Great work my friend. Hope to test it in real time

I am using desktop also...

Very cool!! Well done

Amazing start look forward to get more projects related to android

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Looks like shit

Thanks for the info, great post !!!

Really nice thought, a total hive desktop app with all the stuff it really helps.
Only one question, it also shows messages, my question is
Is there a pop-up message on the computer if there is a message? @holger80