Core development report #4

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Hi !

This one will be relatively short, remember how I wrote a new operation to update proposals and updated the way proposal fees were calculated ? Well I didn't write unit tests (although I tested them extensively) at the time.

This is now done:

this was part of this issue:

The idea behind unit tests is mostly to prevent regressions, regressions happens when a new features somehow affect another feature. By running unit tests we can tell if things are behaving correctly (this is not a silver bullet though, it's one of the many ways of testing software).

If you want to learn more about unit tests:

And while doing those tests I noticed a "bug" in the original proposal implementation and filed an issue, I will tackle it later on:

It's not really a bug, it's more of an edge case and it doesn't really have any serious consequences. But it should be handled before someone actually runs into that edge case


It's nice when you find obscure edge case bugs before they become a problem.
It could only be a matter of a few changes elsewhere and then it's no longer and edge case bug and instead its a pain in the arse.

Thanks for your work.

Had to downvote cause the post is over rewarded, no hard feelings!

That's perfectly understandable, thank you for working towards proof of brain :)

nice... Sir

Simply wonderful

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