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RE: Roadmap for Hive-related work by BlockTrades in the next 6 months

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Just to be clear when he says HMT he means SMT it actually stand for smart media tokens and not steem media tokens. But lots of people expect smts to be a steem thing so they naturally convert it to HMT and use both terms interchangeably.


I've always wondered: What makes them 'smart'?

Their ability to escape development

Haha, splendid quippery!! :0D

I try to keep my humor to myself most of the time, as I don't want to waste it.

Terve!! Minä olen Boomy.

Quite rightly, you can't be wasting the good stuff.

Can you tell, I'm still watching the Finnish drama?

No nii - I find it weird that anyone would watch a Finnish show. Unless...

Is there nudity in it?

I was struggling with the concept myself but it's actually quite good.

The language though, it's crazy!!

And no nudity, just cop investigation shit :0)

Only something incredibly brilliant can escape release.

This all makes so much sense.

awesome reply :))))

haha, made my day!

bahahahahah. Almost spit my coffee out
Well played

Proof of Brain I think. The inflation is distributed according to votes

People are really serious about moving away from Steem, they need to chill. Even though their token price is higher, they are just a centralized network and it will be better for everyone if we just ignore them.

Another problem that is still here because of the hardfork is powerdown. People have stopped talking about 4 weeks powerdown simply because steem did it. It's ridiculous.