Hivesigner isn't working on either for me.

More likely a hivesigner issue than dbuzz imo, but I could be wrong

it all ends with the login button on

Yeah, @aa111 was right.. it was Hive Signer and a few other API's from other people were down too.

We are almost have our own API up + we are working on adding login methods like Posting Key + Hive Keychain logins.

Thank you @ili0braz.. we live in the Philippines so we might respond a bit late due to the time difference.. we are also night owls 🙂

P.S. It should be working now.

sa pamamagitan ng aktibong key na nagtrabaho ito, ngunit ang lahat ay puti, tulad ng sa web 1.0:)

Yeah login uses hivesigner. (See URL when you click login)

If hivesigner is down can't work if it's the only option that is set up with

Yeah, it was an issue with Hive Signer.. Hive Signer and the API's were down for a while.

We almost have our API up and that should solve some of the issues like this.

P.S. It should be working now @aa111.