Announcing the Re-Launch of D.Buzz (micro-blogging for HIVE)

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Relaunch of DBuzz.PNG

After taking a time out and re-grouping, today, our team is announcing the re-launch of our micro-blogging web application, D.Buzz!

Let's talk about D.Buzz 2.0

  • Simple to use.
    It's again possible to logon to D.Buzz and "Buzz" your short messages and communicate with your friends on HIVE. All this in the intuitive format that is fast and easy to learn.

  • The community spoke, and we listened.
    With this update, we listened to the community, and have disabled the Twitter-to-HIVE reposting feature. After all, this project is here to benefit the community and to grow the HIVE!

  • Coming soon…
    We are actively building a much-requested HIVE-to-Twitter reposting feature as well. With this, users will be able to automatically share their Buzz's to Twitter (Prioritized after we finish adding HIVE Keychain).

  • Doing more to ensure a Spam-Free Platform.
    We want HIVE to be great. In addition to disabling the Twitter-to-HIVE feature, we took our community outreach one step further. We consulted with @guiltyparties and other members of the community who fight abuse.

DBuzz Sample.jpg

Together, we decided to re-launch with Rewards activated under the following settings:

  1. Twitter-to-HIVE features entirely taken out of our Dapp.
  2. Max_accepted_payout for Buzz's set to $1.00.
  3. Decline Rewards on the 8th Buzz (and later Buzz's) per day.

These steps are intended to prevent abuse (i.e. "Farming") and should ensure that users who would otherwise need to avoid our Dapp, could use it without experiencing the inconvenience of being "over-rewarded" for a short Buzz on the blockchain.

Lastly, there have been some discussions about @mahdiyari of Hive.Vote and @holger80’s auto voting service adding a feature to their projects where users could exclude certain communities i.e. the D.Buzz community from their daily auto votes. This feature is not yet confirmed. However, it is something we support and we’ll report on it once there is news.

Stay tuned for more updates about this!

D.Buzz: Let’s affect positive growth together.

We would love to invite you to join us on D.Buzz again and to try out our platform. As shown, we value constructive feedback and want to become a success story of a Dapp whose development is guided by the wants and desires of the majority.

Thank you Buzz-ers, 😀
Time to get the Buzz on.


We are actively building a much-requested HIVE-to-Twitter reposting feature as well.

:D nice

one question: how can i update my profil on dbuzz? picture still shows my Steem avatar.

  • We are currently pulling the profile data from HiveSigner but we will update our API calls to get the correct data via Public API's soon.. then you won't have this issue.

It's 12:22 AM here but the Devs will work on this tomorrow.

Thank you @felix.herrmann!

Good work.

Thank you @guiltyparties that means a lot to us & our team 😊

That's what I calles a user friendly project where you listen to the users concern and act on it

yay! so happy to see you guys back!

This sounds like a good project I hadn't heard of before. It seems like it could be much more appropriate for posting a short message than making an entire regular Hive post about whatever.

For many people that is definitely the case @mediamysteries, and I think there should be room for short-form AND long-form content on HIVE 😀

Good to see you working with people and moving this forward. I look forward to taking it for a buzz soon. :)

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there 🙂



not everybody enjoy writing long content, short msg or quote some time more powerfull word for certain people. Short video form on @threespeek there is #threeshort tag, and here the short msg form on @dbuzz #hiveislive

Yes, and we're a big fan of @threespeak actually 🙂

I'm curious as why the tag #hiveislive is used only 3 to 6 times per week. 🤔

Anyway, I agree with you that short messages can be more than enough to get a point across! 🙂

After @zappl went down we didn't have any Twitter competitor build on STEEM. It's great to see you guys finally get o the job and implement max payout limits and post reward declining.
Best of Luck!

Thank you @vimukthi.. we started with rewards declined, but now have a max_accepted_payout of $1.00 per Buzz.. so it's possible to earn now w/good Buzz's 🙂

adding a feature to their projects where users could exclude certain communities i.e. the D.Buzz community from their daily auto votes.

This is a must feature for me. Some folks have put me on auto-vote, and I feel I would do them a disservice by setting them up to auto-vote my Buzzes. Would also kinda suck having my daily auto-vote being dumped down to $1!

So basically not having this feature would force me to not use D.Buzz without first doing my main post. Interesting problem, though. I hope we can eventually find good long term solutions to things like this.

Yeah, this needs to be solved at the Hive.Vote level via @mahdiyari and on @holger89's

I have heard rumors that there will be progress made on this front, but we will actually announce it once either of them solves this, since it is important for our Dapp to get this solved.

Also, if there is anyone else you or anyone else knows that we can reach out to in helping fix this, let us know 🙂

Glad you managed to sort out peoples concerns. I personally am unsure if I'll use this. perhaps I'll make a hive account just for hivebuzz so the buzzes don't clutter my main account up.

Thank you for giving us that feedback @shmoogleosukami.

As it is now, it won't currently clutter your Blog since Buzz's will be posted in the Posts section, not your Blog.

  • Either way, your feedback has contributed to our project.. thanks again 😊

White screen

Hivesigner isn't working on either for me.

More likely a hivesigner issue than dbuzz imo, but I could be wrong

it all ends with the login button on

Yeah, @aa111 was right.. it was Hive Signer and a few other API's from other people were down too.

We are almost have our own API up + we are working on adding login methods like Posting Key + Hive Keychain logins.

Thank you @ili0braz.. we live in the Philippines so we might respond a bit late due to the time difference.. we are also night owls 🙂

P.S. It should be working now.

sa pamamagitan ng aktibong key na nagtrabaho ito, ngunit ang lahat ay puti, tulad ng sa web 1.0:)

Yeah login uses hivesigner. (See URL when you click login)

If hivesigner is down can't work if it's the only option that is set up with

Yeah, it was an issue with Hive Signer.. Hive Signer and the API's were down for a while.

We almost have our API up and that should solve some of the issues like this.

P.S. It should be working now @aa111.

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Excellent. Best wishes and every success . Will be great to see 'posted from Hive' on Twitter.
This will be excellent for generating engagement between people.

Yes, that's one of the most promising features IMO and we are rolling out new updates as fast as we can.

Thank you @nathen007 🙂

Welcome back

Twitter-to-HIVE features entirely taken out of our Dapp.
Max_accepted_payout for Buzz's set to $1.00.
Decline Rewards on the 8th Buzz (and later Buzz's) per day.

Castrated app.

At least this move should remove some abuse. It's not castrated

I'm new to Hive and discovering its apps and related sites. DBuzz sounds pretty cool. Gotta check it out.

Thanks @guzman . . I look forward to seeing you there!

Suggest to do a merge request to condenser github to hide tweets that's not qualified as post. This will spam up the all posts section by user.

  • What do you think about front-ends for blogging changing their Dapps so that feeds from communities don't get shown to people unless they are subscribed to that community?


  • Unless the Buzz is reblogged?

From what I understand, this is how Communities were proposed to work, immediately before they were rolled out, but for whatever reason, they didn't work like that in practice.

With censorship and politics running rampant on Twitter it's refreshing to see a platform devoid of both. Thnaks for building this on Hive. You've got my witness vote :)

Thank you @d-zero 😊

Looking forward to get involved with D.Buzz :)

Very excited to see the project back up. Only thing I am not happy about is the $1 max limit. I will still be using it and it's not like I expect more than $1 or even half that for my posts lol.


Thank you @xxxxxxxxxx you were a big help.. I think we are on a better footing now 🙂

Excellent work guys, looking forward to the new features