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RE: Update on Blocktrades work and the results of HF24

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Yeah, I get it, but it would help to get some transparency on why you downvote certain content on the trending page.
Since most users on Hive have the impression that @blocktrades acts as a developing company here on Hive, and not as an individual content manager.
At least that was my impression from what you guys have been doing. I don't mind if you use your HP to curate content, but somehow creating a second account @usainvote and then downvoting content on the trending page seems kind of fishy to me...sorry.


I am not blocktrades.

Ok, but again why is @blocktrades delegating 500K HP to your account. Thats not a small amount.
I can't imagine that @blocktrades is giving out 500K HP just for fun...just saying. And you guys also don't want to answer the question, which is ok...but that makes it seems even more fishy to me, sorry.

It is paid for like most delegations.

@usainvote Hello colleague, I have received downvotes in my account and I do not know why, can you explain me and help me improve if something I am doing incorrectly? From already thank you very much!

blocktrades in the background
👮‍♂️ 👮 👮‍♀️

Brother i want sorry to say what is my Offense? I shall always grateful to you. Many many thanks.

I see you consistently upvoted @jrcornel, giving the impression that you valued his content. As you perhaps still do not know, a group campaign, based on their own selective criteria which they know not how to express, has downvoted him to zero and basically ruined his existence here on HIVE. As such, I just wanted you to know what one core member of this community had to say about @jrcornel and ask if you still think it’s appropriate not to come to his defence? Really come your own defence? Because not only was that said about him (and it's very representative of the group think, I might add), but it was also said about everyone who valued, curated and upvoted his content.

Yes, that’s how they feel about you too.

Best Regards


Thanks for your juicy support. I really appreciate. Happy new month to you. Greetings. Gracias.