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RE: [ANN] Privex April Updates - New server packages, Steem soft-fork stance, and a new staff member

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We've also stocked up on hardware for our Node-in-a-box™ servers (Hive and Steem), currently available with SSDs in Germany from just $50/mo, and with HDDs in Sweden for just $30/mo - order one today, both cheap AND easy to setup :)

Hive/Steem witness node running on HDDs? Does it even work? How long does the replay time lasts?
The $30/mo price is a neat ;)


Through the power of VPS templating - there's no need to replay :)

When a replay is needed - we update our VPS template, and can easily re-install customer VPS's with the freshly replayed image when customers request the update.

And yes, it does work on HDD. Maybe not for top 20's, but lower ranking witnesses should work just fine - as well as seeds

Mind blown