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We've been giving you continuous updates on the progress of various Peak Open projects. In this post, we would like to highlight one of the projects that we have recently made available on the main HiveHub platform, Hive Open Stats.

We remind the Hive community that these projects are open source and though we house many of them on they are available for use by other websites and would love to work with other developers to help them integrate and perhaps they will also suggest and perhaps add to the code base as well.

Hive Open Stats aims to provide easy access to aggregated data about Hive. So far, we have collected 13 stats that can be accessed in

But before we take a closer look on Hive Open Stats, here are the recent activities that we did on the hive open stats project since the last update.

Recent activities:

- Add weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime views for all the stats [COMPLETE]
- Add pagination for getting only a subset of any stat [COMPLETE]
- Resource Credit costs of various operations [COMPLETE]
- Internal market volume and number of trades [COMPLETE]
- A large set of custom_json operations, and their associated app [WIP]


Hive Open Stats

Developers: @borislavzlatanov , @asgarth.

We plan to continue improving open stats for the community. As of writing, these are the stats available in the HiveHub platform, which are divided into three categories:

  • Hive Social Stats
  • Market/Transfer Stats
  • Other Stats

Stats Categories

Hive Social Stats

For the first category, we have Hive Social Stats. These are the stats related to social interactions in the Hive blockchain. We currently have two stats available: Content Posts and Content Comments.

Content Posts

Content Comments

Content posts, as the name suggests, is the aggregation of data on how many posts were made in Hive during the specified time period. Content comments on the other hand keeps track of the total number of comments made across Hive.

Note that if you scroll further down the page, you'll be able to see the corresponding data table of the graph.

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 11.21.52 PM.png

Market/Transfer Stats

For the next category, we have Market/Transfer Stats. So far, we have collected 7 market/transfer stats namely:

  • Internal Market Volume
  • Total Transfers (HBD)
  • Total Transfers (HIVE)
  • From Exchange (HBD)
  • From Exchange (HIVE)
  • To Exchange (HIVE)
  • To Exchange (HBD)

Here are some screenshots of the data that can be accessed on HiveHub.

Internal Market Volume

Number of transactions and total volume of the internal market built into the Hive blockchain. Volume amounts are in HBD.

Total Transfers HBD

Number and total amount of transfers of HBD. Excludes HBD sent to/from the Decentralized Hive Fund and exchanges.

From Exchange HIVE

Number and total amount of transfers of HIVE from exchanges to other accounts. Excludes transfers between exchanges.

To Exchange HBD

Number and total amount of transfers of HBD to exchanges. Excludes transfers between exchanges.

Other Stats

For our third category we have Other Stats, that currently contains the following data:

  • Power Up/Down
  • DHF Proposal Payments
  • RC Costs (Common)
  • RC Costs (Large Trx)

Power Up/Down

Note that when you hover your cursor above the details portion as shown in the above image, you'll be able to see the description of each available stats.

DHF Proposal Payments


For some charts, you might prefer to exclude a specific dataset. You may do so by simply clicking on the legend and the chart will automatically adjust. Here is an example of excluding the Power Down values in the Power Up/Down stats.

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 8.02.21 PM.png

Backend statistical platform

On the backend, Hive Open Stats works as a statistical platform that provides an API to any frontends and apps that have a use for statistical data about Hive and its apps. While anyone can spin up their own instance of this platform, we provide an instance to the community, available at:

Share to us what you think

We'd love to see how the Hive community will utilize the various project that we are working on Peak Open Projects. Various users will likely be interested in different stats and will think of different use-cases and analysis. If you decide to make a post or analysis utilizing Hive Open Stats, we'd greatly appreciate it if you can tag us or share it with us on discord.

It would be awesome to see how the community will be able to use the Hive stats that we've been collecting and it will also help us to understand better what more we can do for the community.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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i just read the post and stats. I'm not developer,so I got no clue how hard it is to code it and adjust it to the website. My wish (from the beginning of Hive) was just to not have only few cryptografic coins to exchange but also stocks, indices, commodities... Is my view just too optimistic? 😁

This sounds like it would be some sort of platform that integrates stock trading and crypto and other things. Maybe someone is making such a thing or it already exists.

Great job on the stats :)

You have been one of the ones leading the way. :)

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