Sting Chat Updates - Now works on MOBILE

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With all the ongoing BUZZ on Sting Chat, we continued to improve the platform and push lots of upgrades to make your user experience better. These updates are mainly focused on how we can improve the experience of the community when using the platform and a couple of fixes that are mostly reported by users.

Also we have word that another website is in testing phase for launching Sting on their website. We'll keep you informed when they launch. With that in mind we encourage you to keep telling sites to consider installing the widget... we will have developers closely working to make the experience pain free.

Come take a look at the list below!


Sting Chat on Mobile with Hive Keychain now Works

The @keychain team was able to make a small change to their mobile app in order to allow Sting to function on the various websites they're on.


Added Mentions button

Mentions page

For Sting Chat users to quickly see messages where they are mentioned in, we added a Mentions button as shown in the image above.

Upon clicking this, you can easily see which messages other Hive users have tagged you.

Added import themes button

For those who prefer using their own customized theme, we added an import theme button for you to do just that.

Steps to clone and edit a theme

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Themes section
  2. Clone a theme
  3. Click Edit on the edited clone, this will show the Theme Editor pop-up
  4. Click the top-right button in theme editor

Import theme button in theme editor pop-up

Upon clicking this button, you will see a pop-up wherein you can import the json of your desired theme.

Moved fonts settings to separate page and Add Sans fonts

Fonts page

Next, we also moved the Fonts settings to a separate page to make it easier to adjust for the users. We also added more Sans fonts (Lato and Roboto) so that users have more options to see which font is most suitable for them while using Sting chat.

These are just a few highlights of the exciting upgrades we've made to our chat messaging feature. For the full run through of updates, take a look at the list below.


- Add mention button
- Add import themes button
- Add Sans fonts
- Fixed emote picker not to close on user message
- Move fonts settings to separate page
- Fix user font selection to persist across app refresh
- UserModal: Fix role, titles views, hide blog link for guests
- UI for message with failed verification
- Apply user font css on roles, titles, writing status, about page
- Scroll to message from clicking on mention/quote
- Update preferences layout
- Update image proxy api to use new version, fix broken images
- Combo-box css fix
- Loading time of active section improved
- Fixed search & search now works on active communities too
- Add swipe gesture left/right to hide/show sidebar

We want to express our deepest gratitude to the Hive community for your continued support and feedback. Your valuable input has been instrumental in shaping these enhancements, and we're committed to delivering an exceptional messaging experience for everyone. As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Together, let's take your communication experience to new heights.

We're continuously working to refine and improve our services, ensuring that your feedback is being listened to.


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Well done! Mobile is so important!

Great work team! Awesome updates!

Getting mobile working is big for sure!!! Keep it up :)

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