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Initially, there has been a lot of interest and great feedback regarding the idea of DeepHive. Unfortunately there have been no users following up with anything - except for one notable and amazing exception!

Unnoticed by myself, and probably most others, @christopher2002 had been working on a proof of concept even before I wrote my post. He contacted me, and we decided to work together to create the ultimate social media experience on Hive.


You can check out his progress so far at
After logging in you will be able to explore different feeds with suggestions based on your past votes. He also did some work to use your browsing metrics (clicked posts, time spent on a post, ...) to refine results, and we have a lot of ideas on how to proceed from here.

What we need to get it really going is a bigger community though. Devs, designers, and some testers too. Please join our Discord and introduce yourself there if you think you can and want to contribute.
So far it's unpaid, but if we manage to get development up to speed we're planning a DHF proposal to reimburse the team.

I'd also be willing to pay something out of my witness rewards, provided that I'll be able to return into the top20. So maybe consider to drop me a witness vote if this is a project you think will help Hive to reach a more mainstream audience. This will also help to keep my API node up after September.

Thank you for your attention, and Hive on!

(half of the rewards of this post are redirected to @christopher2002 as a sign of appreciation for his work so far)


This is really interesting and useful! GOOD WORK!

One of the first things I wanted to do when I got here was to use AI to classify spam/ham and other things. I found this was extremely difficult to the lack of quality on almost every action. For example, votes, follows, reblogs, all cannot be trusted as they are heavily financially modivated and are not organic. Content uses many lanugages, is frequently spun/plagiarized (more so on Steem, less on Hive now days, but still happens).

I think on Hive is far more viable, but still difficult.

I am curious what specific questions you are looking to answer with AI. My initial goal was to automatically detect spam it just wasn't practical. I thought of a few other things like recommendation engine, rep algorithm replacement, and other things but due to the low quality metrics, it just wasn't viable.

Right now we use upvotes for a start, but then transist to site usage data over time.
How useful it is when using on-chain metrics depends on the individual user, my feed looks a lot like a daily curangel compilation for example.
For the finished product I want the financials to disappear in the background anyways, at least initially. It's not targeting hive power users, but regular social media folks.

Upvotes are not a good signal as many are done blindly and very few votes are actually organic. It basically becomes a random number generator.

I obviously am aware of how people vote. And again, it depends on the user. There are people who vote organically, the others are not our targeted demographic.
The end goal is a site that's used like traditional social media to attract normal people who don't care about optimizing for 3 cents.

That's going to be a small sample size and lack generalization.

You're generalizing using the current userbase, which is not the intention here. Hive clearly failed to attract mainstream, and the main reason is the focus on rewards. People want to be entertained on social media, not start a new job. Content discovery is key there.

If it is for content discovery, the targets you are looking at using for data points (organic manual voters) would mean they have already been discovered.

I have always wanted this.

I know my Facebook account brings me feeds based on what I previously liked, read, and even comment on.

Most times, I received notifications about these people when they publish new posts

And then if I am following or befriending any of them, it makes it the better.

When I joined Hive newly I always wished I could get that too. It didn't seem like it. I think I mentioned it once to someone and he said Hive is decentralized and that using a Facebook algorithm like that would mean our data security is bridged

Like he meant Facebook literally steals our data and uses them that's why it seems I have a feed that is tailored to my needs.

Right now, I don't know if you will be needing our data to do this project. I am not against it though. But since that person mentioned such things happen in centralized platforms... I don't know.

All I know is I would love a feed such as the one you are proposing. And I give you a thumbs up for putting in the time to make this work.

Yes, the "downside" is that data needs to be collected. We have a couple of data points which are available from the blockchain, but to get good results we need to store more, site-usage specific sets.

As we're all committed to the idea of self-ownership, this will be made transparent though. Users will have to opt-in, and then will get an overview of what data we store about them, fine grained control over what they don't want to be stored in the future, and of course the possibility to delete it themselves without it still remaining in some hidden database.

My concern is also giving our data.

I summed up all my thoughts long ago in this video:

The site looks interesting. The suggestions seem relevant, which is what we need. Discovery has been lacking on Hive.

I spotted a typo on one page.

Recommendations based on your subsribed Communities

I love the idea. Hive is growing by the day, this serves as an alternative to communities, giving users the tools to filter contents to their own interest, You have my vote.

The idea is interesting. Now I don't have to search manually, I just have to log in there and will see feeds based on my upvotes. Great.

The color of the hashtags makes them hard to read for me.

It's only a simple prototype, the ui will change completely

I'm not sure I want every action I take to be recorded on the chain.
Keychain popping up made it clear how much was being recorded.
I know that is central to the concept, but it makes this data available to anybody with block exploring skills, not just this initiative, yes?

Oh no, nobody wants that!
All additional data we store will be in a separate database. Users will get fine grained control of what's saved and what not, and if their data will be available through a public API. The blockchain won't hold more data as it already does.

Keychain is popping up for the same reason as on any other site, to log you in and enable you to post and vote.

Thank you for your witness vote!
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I've read some comments and understand how the current financial incentives bias your training data. What if we bootstrapped the effort with manual data collection? For example, we could have some volunteers label communities into somewhat broad categories. Then when new users onboard, we let them check any of these categories they are interested in (similar to how other socials work). They are then presented with some of the communities from that category (maybe even based on metrics like general activity - although that might bring in hive farming bias). Then we collect metrics on which communities they participate in and refine our suggestions/matrix completion/whatever?

Maybe we could even flip the incentive problem around to an asset by providing some incentive for the manual work? Just spitballing. I hope this effort is successful!

Bootstrapping with manual tagging of posts to train the ai, so users can select topics they're interested in, is already in progress!

Need help?

I got sidetracked with trying to implement keychain login in PHP, everything else is prepared. I'll announce when it starts!

Alright I logged into your site.. let see how it plays out

~~~ embed:1549864866063990784 twitter metadata:U3RlZW1hZGlffHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL1N0ZWVtYWRpXy9zdGF0dXMvMTU0OTg2NDg2NjA2Mzk5MDc4NHw= ~~~
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very interesting. kinda like how youtube suggests things for u to watch? 😎🤙

I seem to be stuck at "sign in with your Hive account"

Use the login at the top right of the page for now please


looks nice


But we need besides such amazing things, easy and cheap wallets for dapp onboarding.

Would be something i like to see witnesses care off.

Btw, you already have my vote otherwise i would vote, haha :)

Really great idea I can’t wait to check this out when I get home!

Huch , seems nice , " #Es " delivers no results though I write it every day multiply , hmm .
Searching " tropsehm " gives me total lead in #GOOGLE , will our posts be searchable better from outside by this also ?
But great , searching properly on the #CHAINZ , that´s great .

Hello !
I delegated three days ago Hivepower to @curangel but till today I got no payout. Can you please check this - thank you very much !

We're looking into it

Thank you !

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