Hiveinvite with full keychain support

in HiveDevs11 months ago is a service to invite people to hive and create an account for them without compromising on key security, by only revealing the keys to the new user.


I announced the switch from plain keys to keychain a while ago, but there have been user reports of the actual account creation not working.
The issue has been identified, there was a small error in the keychain documentation and I just assumed it to work without proper testing. Sorry for the inconveniences.

You'll now be able to create and send invitation links and create the accounts all with the safety provided by hive keychain. You still need to bring your own account creation tokens, which can easily be acquired through peakd.


for anyone too new to know the link for this service is ->

Though I wonder if I can still invite using my account since I only have a small amount of power.

Free account creation tokens cost a bunch of RC, some ing equivalent to 5000HP I think.
It is also possible to get them by paying 3 HIVE without the need to spend RC.

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Nice work. Glad to see we are getting rid of asking for private keys.
Do you plan to add support for HiveAuth too?

Good Job! :))) I hope you doing good Bro, we have meet at HiveFest3 in Krakow, Poland.

OK ... I have been trying to onboard a friend of mine who has been struggling with all the keys and such ... so, I just discovered this service today, and I want to make sure I understand:

  1. First, go to Peakd and create the new account through my existing account
  2. Second, go to Hiveinvite and send out an invitation to that account to the New Hiver
  3. Hiveinvite will give the New Hiver their keys and such, without me having to be involved in that part

At Peakd you ink need to get the account creation token. The actual account creation process has to be done on hiveinvite then, there is no option to get the keys after an account has been created.

Got it -- thank you!

This makes sense and it will even be easier to invite someone on here

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Awesome and rehived :-)

Ok man this post blow My mind, great work.

But what's the exactly password i use to log there.

None of mine worked.

You don't need a password, just enter your username and log in with keychain,

This is amazing...

Wow, this is so amazing.

it would really help if you put on the site some tutorial to understand how to use it, I spent half an hour trying to understand how to

I've tried to make the site as explicit as possible, but as I know what it does I might have some blind spots and assume that things are clear when they aren't.

Can you elaborate a bit what exactly your issue was?

I just came across this post and it's interesting, because a couple of weeks ago I was trying to create an account for my sister but I had to pay a few dollars and I remember that when I created mine it wasn't necessary to pay and now it is, but With this new thing it is excellent so I will be able to invite more people, my sister's friend told me I believe it and I believe it I suppose it was this way but he didn't tell me how he did it, but now I have this option and it is excellent thank you so much