(Re-)Introducing Hiveinvite

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Creating accounts for friends remains a challenging task. Where do I get tokens? How do I explain the keys, how do I transmit them securely, and how can the recipient be sure that I don't keep a copy?

Hiveinvite.com was created many years ago on another chain, where onboarding was even more challenging than it is now (can you imagine?), and was amongst the first apps available on hive at launch.


It is translated in multiple languages, and allows a lot of different ways to create onboarding links - by email, a single secret link, a link that can be used for a certain number of times, or even fully public links requiring different verification methods which get listed on hiveinvite.com/public.html for everyone to easily get an account from you.

A while ago it stopped working due to my api node losing funding and not having configured a backup. Now it's online again, so go and check it out!

It still doesn't support keychain and you need to enter your keys manually - I guarantee you they're never leaving your browser though. The code is on Github so you can easily verify, or even send a pull request to enable keychain signing (but tell me when you work on something, I might find some motivation somewhere myself).

That's it, go on and create some newbees now!


Thank you for sharing this great information.

I'm currently working on a WordPress plugin that interacts with Hive. Although coding isn't my strong suit, I'm making an effort and will review your code to gain some knowledge. It's challenging for me to work with Hive, so examining other resources is valuable.

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This is good news. It seems natural that a user creating the invite should be the one who can recover the account should the user lose control of his owner key.

You should have an option other than pasting keys for login. There should be a way to swap between Hive Keychain and pasting keys but if the Hive keychain is in the window object, the Hive keychain method should be the default. This is what I did over on https://www.proofofbrain.blog

It'll switch completely to keychain soon, no more entering keys at all.

I use Keychain all the time. Hive Auth is great for authenticating on untrusted computers, but for a personal desktop it's great.

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Will check it out
What key you need to log in?

Logging in requires the posting key, if you claim a token or create an account it needs the active but asks for it seperately.
Writing this feels so bad, I bet this is the last app in 2023 that still requires this without good reasons - will change that soon.

would be awesome!

It still doesn't support keychain

Will it in future?

A firm yes

That's very good to hear!

I used to use that a few times. It's nice that this is now also possible again via this route.

Thank you @pharesim.

Hive Keychain support wen?

Almost missed this if it wasn't for POSH. :)

That's nice and professional!

One question for you (or if you can address me): I have onboarded @healthymary with the HiveOnboard link and I should get some rewards based on her activity. Is that active or not? I do not see any kind of earning from such referral.
Are there other referral ways to make people joining Hive with a small share to the referrer for guiding them through?

I didn't look into it, but as far as I know hiveonboard has a way to set referral rewards (post beneficiary)
@acidyo should know more?

hi @pharesim
I have another nice profile to onboard.

Do I get some tokens for affiliating a new (productive) account?

I logged into the Hiveinvite but I see this screen after logging in with Keychain

What am I supposed to do here? I do not see any chance for proceeding

There are no rewards or incentives for inviting someone using hiveinvite.

To create an invite you need an account creation token. These cost 3 HIVE, or can be created for free when you have a certain amount of Hive Power. Check the dropdown in your peakd wallet next to the HP, there are options to claim these tokens.

Peakd also offers a referral link in cooperation with hiveonboard, that might be more like what you're looking for?

They do usually get placed on the accounts, 3% to referrer, 1% to account token giver and 1% to the service. If they use dapps that place their own or remove it themselves it can go away completely afaik but it shouldn't until then. Not sure why they weren't placed in your example, hiveonboard's dev has been a bit hard to reach lately.

Yes, that's what I heard as well.
I got the correct notification from hiveonboard that I referred the account (they sent me 0.001 Hive with the confirmation message + I got tagged in a post) BUT I see no rewards from the affiliation.

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Thanks for restoring it. I have referred a person through my personal invite link with hiveonboard. Is that valid/restorable? I have not seen any kind of tokens coming from that referral I made