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Added support for Spotify podcast shows

Added support for Spotify podcast episodes

Fix invalid iframe HTML tag crashing the page + Fix Youtube player not loading (thank you @mahdiyari for the tests and contributions)

Payout beneficiaries

I've added @mahdiyari as beneficiary on this post for helping me with the iframe issue.

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Great one!
Can you please fix the no. of comments.

There is an issue with that?

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Yeah, no matter how many comments there are on the post it is reported as one.

Showing only one comment per post...


This is not a bug with the Condenser, other frontend have the same issues because it's on the Hivemind's side.

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Hivebuzz support the Papillon Foundation Charity project

hey any chance you could add Wistia support?


I'm happy to add more embed players if there are more users interested in them. Try see if there are other Wistia users on Hive and get them to request for it here.