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RE: Hivesigner UI: 1-click login

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When I am using Hivesigner, its asking for an extra Hivesigner password, what is that ? Where can I find more details ? Can I log in to Hivesigner directly and see what all is happening with my account ? Please guide and provide links to any post, if its there.


You can read my latest posts about it. Hivesigner password is essentially extra password you can set to encrypt your keys even more. If you uncheck Encrypt your keys checkbox, then you won't be asked Hivesigner password

Post link please. Can we directly go to Hivesigner and change these settings ? Suppose I want to change the password, how would we do that ?

Hivesigner password? It is not possible to change, you can go and remove your account and readd with new Hivesigner password or readd without password for 1-click login. Announcement post

Thank you for the reply. I went through the Announcement post, and tried to revoke an app using Hivesigner, and when I give my custom password, it asks me to import my account using the active key, which I do not want to do.

You need to import your account using your password or active key to do this request. Click "Import account" button to proceed.

So do we have a settings, which would tell me to just ignore the Hivesigner password or ignore the import with active or master key ? Will it not be risky to import account with active or master key ? Some people may just enter their master key as well when asked for active key.

As you as you use Hivesigner password to encrypt your keys, it should be fine, no matter what key you enter because it is local in your machine only, nobody has access for it especially if it is guarded with Hivesigner password. So importing your any key is safe if you encrypt them with your Hivesigner password.