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RE: Weekly progress update: hardfork date changed to Oct 6th

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Thanks for keeping the updates coming.

Is it possible to implement some kind of notification on the condenser to let people know there is a hardfork coming? I have recently discovered that a lot of people don't know. I know that this HF might not have a huge impact on enduser experience, but I think it is worth the effort to inform. At the very least, it would mitigate some panic if something does go wrong in some way and people can't access the chain.


Your question is well timed, since I think there's a plan to put a countdown timer on It wasn't done sooner as no one was comfortable as to the date being final. But this date looks pretty final.

That would be perfecto 👌

Maybe on peakd as well?

That is pretty viable. cc @asgarth

Anything we should tell users ABOUT HF... anything a normal user would benefit from knowing that you think we should mention?

Personally, I think a simple date (countdowns are always fun) and a link to a page with bulletpoints of core changes and perhaps a short description of what to expect (nothing) or to be patient if there are technical issues.

Maybe this isn't the most exciting user HF, but hopefully we can generate hype around the future ones.

Thanks for the quick reply too! :)

You could write "the network is getting stronger, faster and a lot more secure concerning consensus attacks with this update"
Don't write "funds are safe". No need to mention it if they are indeed safe.

Brilliant. In the future, it might be good to have a candidate announcement there too. I know it can get messy with conversation and argument, but I think that is part of what gets people to invest themselves into learning and becoming a part of the community.

I havent been I chain sooooo much, but this is the first I'm hearing of it 🤣

Then again, some users might get spooked by a countdown to a (inherently scary) hardfork ... sometimes ignorance IS bliss ... :-)

Potentially :)
But perhaps on average it is better to know.